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Visaj for the Macintosh
Welcome to the Macintosh distribution of Visaj. Though packaged specifially for the Macintosh, Visaj uses the same visaj.jar as all other platforms. There is some Macintosh special behavior:

Option-drag to set up event bindings

On most platforms you hold the Control key down whilst dragging between components
to set up an event binding. On the Macintosh the Control key is used to bring up Contextual
Menus, so to bring up the event binding editor hold down the Option key as you drag.

.vcl, .vpj and .vrb files can be double clicked to open the respective editors

Visaj has three top level editors: the class editor, the project editor and the resource
bundle editor. Each of these has its own file type, and double clicking on the appropriate
save file will bring up the correct editor for that file.

.java generated files can be double clicked to invoke Metrowerks' CodeWarrior IDE

Recommended environment
Macintosh PowerPC with at least 64Mb of memory.
System 8.5.1 or later
MRJ 2.1.2 (Apple's JDK 1.1.7) or later

Visaj will run on older Macintosh's, so long as there is good support for Java. The recommended environment, however, has been found to be preferable for most Java applications.

What is installed where
Visaj is provided as a self-extracting archive. Double-clicking on this will install Visaj in a folder 'Visaj 2_4_4'. All files are installed in this folder. No extensions or other files are installed elsewhere on the system. To remove Visaj from your system, simply drag the folder to the trash can.

Visaj is compatible with both Swing 1.0.3 and Swing 1.1.

For more information or a copy of the Swing software, see the Sun Microsystems web site at To run Visaj with the Swing components, place the "swingall.jar" file in the MRJClasses folder, in the MRJ Libraries folder in the Extensions folder (inside the System Folder). Double-clicking the Visaj-Swing icon will then launch Visaj with the Swing components pre-loaded onto the palette.

The documentation for the User's Guide, Installation, Release Notes etc. is available both from within Visaj, and as browsable HTML files. Simply point your favorite browser at Documentation.html.

Image Editor
There is an image editor available with Visaj that can read and write JPEG and other image files. This requires Swing to be present on your system. See above.


There are two versions of Visaj.

Visaj Personal Edition is a, fully functional, version of Visaj that allows you to generate code only for a restricted number of components (up to 50). In addition it is only for personal use or for evaluation purposes, and any generated code must not be used for commercial purposes. It does not require authentication.

Visaj Professional is the full product with no restrictions on the size of design or on the use of the generated code. This version requires authentication.

Visaj professional will run in demo mode (code generation disabled) when initially run. When evaluationg the software you will be given a key which will allow the software to be run using web authentication. For this, you will need to establish a web connection before launching Visaj. Once running, the web connection does not have to be maintained.

When you purchase the software, or are unable to evaluate the software using web authentication, you will be issued a personal certificate to validate the product. See separate file for information on setting up your personal certificate.

There are several properties that can be used to tailor the look or behavior of Visaj. These can be set, along with the CLASSPATH using JBindery.

Apple's main Java site will contain the latest information on MRJ, Java and the Software Developer's Kit (SDK).

IST's web site will contain the latest information on releases, and links to support pages for Visaj.

Known Issues

Apple's MRJ 2.1 does not always refresh a window.

In Visaj you may not see the dynamic display update immediately after setting properties of a component. To see the changes, simply resize the dynamic display's window.

The Properties window and Event Bindings window do not pick up the vj.windowFont property.

This is a Mac specific problem. On UNIX and Windows, these dialogs pick up the appropriate font specified for vj.windowFont.

The use of transparency may cause problems in the Image Editor.

The image is correct, but the displayed image gets corrupted. This problem will be fixed in a future version.

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