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A WWW logfile analysis program (PPC only). 68k version is 2.1.1e (445 K). Homepage for the latest version.
Download (PPC, 1.3 MB)
Read me file
Download (68k, 445 K)
Read me file
Asset Trustee
Keeps track of the assets (eg. hardware) on your computer network (freeware version is limited to 10 users). It has an automated data collection, relational database and scalable architecture. Asset Collector (PPC only, MacOS 8.1 or later). Asset Trustee (68k and PPC, OS 7.1.2). Homepage (registration required).
Asset Trustee (9 MB)
A list server and auto responder (PPC and 68k). Homepage for other related freewares.
Autoshare 4.1 (2.6 MB)
ChatNet Free
ChatNet provides text­based communication and file transfer between interconnected Macintosh computers. ChatNet does not require a Server to take advantage of its features, although one or more Servers may be used for storing Preference settings.
ChatNet Free 1.0.6 (264 KB)
A free utility to speed up the process of DNS lookups and to translate IP addresses into domain names in log files
Download (145 K)
Read me file
Eudora Internet Mail Server
An email server with administration and configuration manager built-in. Read me file. Home for more information and documentation.
Eudora Internet Mail Server 1.3.1 (198 KB)
Manages software on your network (freeware limited to 10 users). Has automated software distribution etc. Read me file. Server (PPC and MacOS 8.1). Client or user (68k or PPC, OS 7.1.2). Homepage (registration required).
FileWave (7.3 MB)
A small and simple FTP application used to monitor a "hot folder" and send any items added to it to an FTP server of your choice. Read me file (free for non commercial use, PPC). Screenshots of ftp settings and options available and of ftp log window. Homepage.
FTupperWare (522 KB)
Goliath is an application to allow remote creation and editing of documents on websites (PPC and MacOS 8.5 and later). Read me file. Screenshots and more information is available at the homepage. For those using MacOS 8.1, you might want to try Goliath 0.3, other earlier installation versions are available on this page. This freeware works well with File transfers are faster (still slow but more stable) than previous Javascript-methods. And you get 25 MB of server space free. You can increase this to 100 MB by telling your friends, taking online surveys etc.
Goliath (1.2 MB)
Using Apple's File Sharing, AppleTalk, and Ping, you can have the simplest features of a network mail package. Read me file. Screenshot.
GSU-Ping 1.0.0 (36 KB)
A simple program that allows you to use your Mac as a WWW server Read me file (68k). Homepage (not a dedicated server, so please download between 830 and 1700 UK time).
httpd4Mac v13b 68k (64 KB)
iDisk Mounter
An Applescript that mounts an iDisk on your desktop. Works even for pre MacOS9. Read me file (iDisk account). Homepage.
iDisk Mounter (33 KB)
Internet Helper 1.5
A suite of internet tools. It has the basic port scans, service scans, and fingers. But Internet Helper also has many more advanced features such as a finger file-on-demand system for distributing text files and an advanced client/server pair to test programs or interface with other systems (PPC and 68k)
Download (763 K)
Read me file
An FTP server written in 100% Pure Java, designed to be as simple as possible to set up and use. It is multithreaded and supports resumable file transfers. It supports directory-based access control for multiple users and has basic logging capabilities. A separate administration tool can be used to monitor and modify the server settings while it is running. Read me file (PPC and 68k). Homepage for latest updates.
jFtpd 2.0b1 (73 KB)
A program that distributes email to a large number of people that are all subscribers to the same list. How does this works? Somebody send an email message to the list address. Macjordomo picks up the message from the list address and send it to the members of the list. Read me file (PPC and 68k). Homepage.
Macjordomo (300 KB)
An e-mail program for Appletalk networks. It uses a server which messages are sent to called MacMail Server. MacMail Server (509 KB) can be run in the background and has the same system req. as MacMail. MacMail has some of the features from commercial internet e-mail programs. (Folders, Filters, Find, Autocheck, "Mini-mode") But MacMail is freeware and made for AppleTalk networks (possibly an intranet). MacMail Remote (507 KB) is a program that is used for remote controlling a MacMail Server. Screenshots of client, server. Home for more information (FAT).
MacMail (1 MB)
MacOS Personal Web Sharing 1.5
Web serving freeware from Apple itself (PPC and 68k, MacOS 8.0 and above)
Download (1.5 MB)
Read me file
Provides a synopsis of the AppleTalk and IP configuration parameters within Apple Computer's Open Transport networking architecture. Also allows users on IP networks to make Domain Name Server (DNS) queries, ping devices using ICMP Pings, trace IP routes (UNIX traceroute), scan through ranges of IP addresses asking for resolutions, and to query a DNS for Mail Exchange and System Info (PPC and 68k, Open Transport required)
Download (registration now required) (275 K)
Read me file
Pictorius Net Server
A commercial grade HTTP, Web, and Mail server with full support for CGIs and ACGIs (can continue using WebStar's CGIs). Security configuration is also available. Fully integrated components with sleek interface. Screenshot.
Pictorius Net Server 1.17 PPC (2.7 MB), 68k (2.8 MB)
Quid Pro Quo
Freeware server to set up your own server without excluding the high costs. Also quite friendly to use (both PPC and 68k - with Thread Manager installed). Homepage
Download (2.6 MB)
Read me file
Report Magic for Analog
It can now make great looking reports from the analysis of your logfiles. Homepage.
Download (1.9 MB)
Read me file
ServerStat Commercial Give-A-Way
A fully functional, non-expiring, and non-crippled last release prior to the release of ServerStat 2.0. Server statistics with a great interface
Download (504 K)
Read me file
Stalker Internet Mail Server
A server application implementing Internet mail exchange service using the SMTP protocol, remote mailbox access using the POP3 protocol, and the "poppwd" service for remote password modification. Read me file (PPC and 68k). Home for more information and documentation.
Stalker Internet Mail Server (176KB)
WhatRoute 1.4.3
Designed to find the names of all the routers through which an IP packet passes on the way from your Macintosh to the destination host. In addition it measures the round-trip time from your Macintosh to the router thus enabling you to determine slow links (hops) in the Internet. It can also find dead links - ie routers that don't respond etc etc. Traceroute for the Mac. Also, does DNS lookups and ping
Download (PPC, 382 K)
Download (68k, 313 K)
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