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Mac Freeware
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Download links checked: 30th Dec 2000

Innocuous screen saver with password protection & Y2K countdown (PPC and 68k). Homepage.
Download page (112 KB)
Read me file
Application screen saver very appropriate for 68k Macs. Read me file. Screenshot. Visit homepage for more information.
DarkSide 4.2 (1 MB)
MaxScreenSaver--31st Dec 2000
A freeware screensaver for the Macintosh. It includes many modules from the popular UNIX screensavers xscreensaver and xlockmore. Read me file (PPC only). Screenshot of preferences available, and the module options window with a clever demo button to view the module before selecting. Homepage (go to the homepage to download the latest version or if the download link is broken). List of modules is available here.
MaxScreenSaver1.1 (FAT) (326 KB)

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