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Aesop's Fables
A total of 312 Aesop's fables available here. Also a very interesting preface, and Aesop's biography. Screenshot.
Aesop's Fables (176 KB)
BBEdit Lite 4.6
A lite version of BBEdit, a fast text editor capable of opening any text files
ChrisPerfect is a full featured word processor, with justification, double spacing and font styles. It's small memory footprint makes it perfect for portables and slower systems. Read me file. Screenshot.
ChrisPerfect 2.0b2 (484 KB)
Corel WordPerfect
A polished word processor that's now a freeware
Download (registration required)
Easy View
A program for browsing of collections of structured (but otherwise plain) text files, large or small. It allows very fast access by recognizing the internal structure. All of the following text formats can be viewed using Easy View Read me file. Screenshot.
Easy View 2.62 (229 KB)
A freeware spelling checker for the Macintosh that is also LaTeX aware (PPC only). Read me file. Screenshot. Visit homepage for information and to download the dictionary you require (lots of support for many languages).
Excalibur 3.0.1 (1 MB)
FinderNote is a simple text editor whose documents is a particular type of file that Apple calls a 'clipping'. Very convenient. Use your imagination in finding new ways to utilize this great freeware (both PPC and 68k)
Download (273 K)
Read me file
A word-processor that is no longer supported is now released as a freeware. The serial number is FREE-33333-33333 Read me file. Screenshot. Homepage (where you can also obtain dictionaries for many languages).
FullWrite 2.0.6 (1.2 MB)
A text editor with picture and colour font support. Made specially for iMac users (can choose from 5 different colour appearances!). Read me file (PPC and 68k). Screenshot (courtesy of iMacKids). Homepage.
iText 2.0.1 (700 KB)
A text editor with tool bars for basic text editing (bold, underline, italics) etc. Read me file (PPC and 68k). Screenshot. (ps: if anyone knows the new URL of the homepage for this freeware, please write to me).
Kennett Text 4.1.5 (904 KB)
KeyStrokes 1.2
Written specifically for those of us who are not (or no longer) able to use a normal keyboard. Provides a fully functional on-screen keyboard that you can use to type with the mouse anywhere you would use a normal (hardware) keyboard (applications, dialog boxes, etc.). It also allows you to shift/option/command/control click (PPC and 68k).  Read me file. Go to the homepage for more information. Registration required (free, of course)
KeyStrokes 1.2 (206 K)
Leibniz --10th Jan 2001
Leibniz is a graphical front end to Mathematica (version 3 and later) on Macintosh and Windows computers which allows you to type mathematical text and carry out calculations using a simple, drag and drop style of expression manipulation. Leibniz is a mathematical word processor: it allows you to quickly and easily type text and structured mathematical expressions. You can launch calculations from within Leibniz by selecting an expression to evaluate and hitting enter, or by selecting a portion of an expression and dragging it around the expression to launch a calculation. Leibniz uses MathLink to communicate with the Mathematica kernel, sending expressions to Mathematica for evaluation and translating the results back into nicely formatted mathematical expressions. Read me (MacOS 7.5). Screenshot. Homepage (free only as a text and equation editor).
Leibniz (2.7 MB)
Think of MacGS-550 as a virtual printer: Every time you open a file, asking Ghostscript to run it as a PostScript program, the application creates a new sheet of 'paper' and displays it in a window.Read me file. Homepage of Ghostscript (Mac Port). Homepage of Ghostscript & Ghostview. Other PPC and 68k versions available here.
MacGS 5.5 (4.5 MB)
Moby Shakespeare
The public domain text of the Moby edition of the complete works of William Shakespeare. Use Easy View to read this.
Moby Shakespeare (2.8 MB)
Nisus Compact
A lite version of Nisus Writer especially suitable for powerbooks
Download (registration required)
Nisus Writer 4.1.6
A full fledge complete word processing software
Download (registration required)
NuEdit 1.5
A slick text editor with a colour tool bar, and a HTML export option (PPC and 68k). Screenshot of main window   
NuEdit 1.5 (264 K)
Powerful Plug-In Adds PDF Export to BBEdit! You can output richly formatted, colorful, exciting PDF documents from BBEdit. No other PDF authoring tools are needed! Now BBEdit becomes a powerful PDF authoring tool in its own right! Best of all, it works with BBEdit Lite (a freeware too, link is also available here) (try the version 4.6) Extensive manual is also available with the package
Download (132 K)
A plain text editor that is scriptable (comes with useful scripts), extensive search capability (PPC and 68K). Read me file. Screenshots are here (main window, extras)
QuoEdit 0.502 (748 K)
A replacement for Apple's SimpleText. SimpleEdit provides more editing features than SimpleText, including handling of more than 32K of text, rectangular editing, overstrike editing, convenient key bindings, multiple undo/redo, and more.Read me file (PPC and 68k). Visit the homepage for more information. Click on the SimpleEdit, and from that page click downloads.
SimpleEdit 3.5 (1 MB)
A spell checker that can be used for different applications, also includes text cleanup tools, rubber stamping facility, and etc. Homepage
Download (1.7 MB)
StevePerfect supports the basic typing features: Font, Style, Size, Search, Save, Open, and Find. It also includes some new features such as quick button links to Sherlock 2 and your default web browser (only supported in MacOS 9). StevePerfect is completely balloon help compatible and also features a help system. It also uses Apple's new Open/Save windows otherwise known as navigation services. StevePerfect is completely worldscript savvy so you can type in whatever language you prefer. It also now features printing and mp3/quicktime support! Read me file. Screenshot. Homepage where you can also download the version 3.9.9 beta.
StevePerfect 3.6.6 (1 MB)
TeachText 7.0
Apple's ubiquitous text-editing (and PICT-viewing) application (without the 32 K limit of Simple Text). Note: no sound  tool, no colour text. Launches very fast, good for those who wants to write something quickly. Also available here 
Download (33 K)
Text Cleaner Lite
A text cleaner (lite version), where you can set your preferences, copy your selected text to clipboard, and clean them. Visit the homepage
Download version 1.6 (792 K)
Writer is designed to be a replacement for SimpleText, boasting a more user-friendly interface, and support for all the new Mac OS 8.5 things like proportional scroll boxes and themes. Also an online dictionary built-in and an AppleScript editor. There is also a built-in clipbox and a calculator. Read me file (PPC). Screenshot. Homepage. Registration is required.
Writer 1.2 (576 KB)

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