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NiftyTelnet (version 1.1) is a simple, fast telnet client for the Macintosh. For instructions, see the Apple Guide (under the Guide menu in NiftyTelnet). Suggestions and bug reports are welcome and may be sent to Chris Newman . For more information and the latest release, see the NiftyTelnet web page at: .

Major changes from version 1.0:
€ Configurable Colors
€ OpenTransport native
€ Adjustable Scrollback buffer size
€ Improved keyboard support, including page up/page down for scrolling
€ Drag into NiftyTelnet window supported
€ Bug fixes & improved user interface

PGP signature
The PGP signature is a way to prevent viruses and trojan horses by authenticating that NiftyTelnet originated from me. Signature verification is optional. In order to verify the signature, you need to first aquire MacPGP and my public key from the above web page. Then you need to "MacBinarize" the NiftyTelnet application (MacPGP can do this) and use the resulting version when verifying the signature.

Known shortcomings (to be addressed in version 1.2):
€ There is no printing support in NiftyTelnet
€ ³Linemode² is not supported. This means that you may be unable to edit lines when working with some MUDs or other non-telnet protocols.
€ There is no support for foreign languages.

Many thanks to all the kind people on the Internet how have been extremely helpful by reporting bugs, giving suggestions and participating in beta tests. There are too many to list all of them, but here are a few who have made significant contributions:
Mark Corsi who wrote the Apple Guide.
Rob Earhart who wrote the original version of the encryption code.
Wesley Craig, Samuel Ferguson, Lee Fyock, Paul Morris, John Pane, and Jonas Wallden for giving source code changes with their bug reports or suggestions.
And Jonathan Lennox for going above an beyond the call of duty in locating obscure bugs.

Change list from version 1.0 to 1.1:
+ bugfix: Linux servers now supported by MacTCP Macs (don't use IP priority)
+ bugfix: write-to-zero bug detected by EvenBetterBusError (in tabstops code)
+ bugfix: make word selection work when scrolled back
+ bugfix: double option window when command-e/command-n pressed in New Connection window caused corrupted prefs and crashes
+ bugfix: add proper ctrl-number key mappings
+ bugfix: origin mode bug with scroll regions: manifests in open-line command in VMS editor
+ bugfix: wrap&scroll when line at bottom was double-width
+ bugfix: added some bounds checking to settings... dialog
+ bugfix: when selection is larger than window and at bottom, redraws can fail
+ bugfix: make double-width/double-height partially work for fonts other than the nifty fonts
+ bugfix: make auto-repeat-off escape sequence only effect one window
+ bugfix: minor bug in encryption code which caused echoing of random charaters on login every once in a while (IAC doubling problem)
+ bugfix: memory leaks in encryption code, font code, resize code
+ bugfix: array bounds overwrite in encryption code
+ bugfix: when IP address was typed for hostname there was no window title
+ bugfix (b2->b3): translate invert display preference to new color pref
+ bugfix (b2->b3): don't count as double click if mouse moved too far
+ bugfix (b2->b3): show the cursor on mouse click, if hidden
+ bugfix (b2->b3): make paste from other window into New Connection dialog work
+ bugfix (b2->b3): error message when Internet Config not installed
+ bugfix (b2->b3): save as... now works right.
+ bugfix (b2->b3): invalid hostnames will give correct error
+ bugfix (b2->b3): selections which disappear when window inactive got out of sync
+ bugfix (b2->b3): selections which disappear while mouse down got out of sync
+ bugfix (b2->b3): selections from bottom up sometimes misdraw
+ bugfix (b2->b3): don't try two logins on auth failure/cancel
+ bugfix (b2->b3): get vertical mouse position right for selections
+ bugfix (b2->b3): make multi-realm authentication work
+ bugfix (b2->b3): settings... dialog now applies changes to correct window
+ bugfix (b2->b3): problem with size box getting out of sync with dragging fixed
+ bugfix (b3->b4): emulation: cursor position report didn't reflect origin mode
+ bugfix (b3->b4): emulation: index/reverse index didn't work right when cursor outside scroll region
+ bugfix (b3->b4): deal correctly with MacTCP close when DNS is active
+ bugfix (b3->b4): save the port around call to OpenDriver() for MacTCP to prevent PPP interference
+ bugfix (b4->final): infinite loop if "Untitled-1" shortcut already exists and a new one is created
+ UI fix: add home/end/pgup/pgdown/del
+ UI fix: help is now an apple guide
+ UI fix: scroll to bottom on keypress
+ UI fix: scroll to bottom on paste/duplicate/drop
+ UI fix: allow drag from other windows
+ UI fix: shift-tab in settings window works
+ UI fix: improved interface for choosing the default session
+ UI fix: move "Save As..." feature from menu to button in Settings dialog
+ UI fix (b2->b3): number command-key shortcuts from 1 (instead of 0) on Window menu
+ UI fix (b2->b3): added "Edit Settings..." menu item
+ UI fix (b2->b3): better TCP/IP error messages
+ UI fix (b2->b3): color icons in error/warning dialogs
+ UI fix (b2->b3): display watch while connecting
+ UI fix (b2->b3): make selection track buffer as new text is added when back scrolled
+ UI fix (b2->b3): make zoom box switch between 80x24 and 80xMaxHeightOnSceen
+ UI fix (b2->b3): put non-standard port into titlebar
+ UI fix (b2->b3): only 3 bells are allowed in a 3 second period -- this prevents the machine from ringing too many bells if a binary file is displayed by accident
+ UI fix (b2->b3): auto scrolling on selection
+ UI fix (b3->b4): stagger windows properly
+ UI fix (b3->b4): don't let cursor region get out of sync on command-drag
+ UI fix (b3->b4): allow tab between hostname and settings list in New Connection dialog
+ UI fix (b3->b4): get rid of flicker on background scrolling
+ UI fix (b3->b4): if update region & scrolling, adjust update region
+ UI fix (b3->b4): complain if telnet server doesn't support user name
+ UI fix (b3->b4): make error dialog fit standard dimensions from HIG
+ feature: save text on clear screen
+ feature: option to set scrollback buffer size
+ feature: select all in main window
+ feature: option to keep window open when done
+ feature: scan for fixed width fonts done in background and cached
+ feature: color config support
+ feature: OpenTransport
+ feature: meta key (command-control)
+ feature: does reverse DNS lookups to support load balanced A records
+ feature: locked preferences file works and prevents changes
+ feature: function keys send VT200 sequences
+ feature (b2->b3): save text from scroll region at top of window
+ feature (b2->b3): optimized up scrolling for scroll regions at top of window
+ feature (b2->b3): active scrolling
+ feature (b2->b3): remote machine can set window title with xterm escape sequence
+ feature (b2->b3): added command-K shortcut to Clear menu item
+ feature (b2->b3): look in app folder for preferences first
+ feature (b2->b3): double-clickable preferences files
+ feature (b2->b3): show version in about box
+ feature (b3->b4): do the cheap implementation of echo mode
+ feature (b3->b4): added a few more escape sequences
+ feature (b3->b4): echo mode
+ change: make command-click strip trailing period and comma
+ change: updated about box
+ change: exportable version is now available
+ change: can compile under Think C 6.0 + Universal Headers
+ change: port now specified as "host:port" rather than a separate config item
+ change: control-delete is opposite of delete
+ change: allow both vt102 and vt100 for terminal type
+ change (b3->b4): use IC 1.3 library
+ change (b3->b4): use CodeWarrior 10