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If you want to send me any comments or ideas, you are welcome. I'll be glad to get any feed back to know how to improve my software.
Please tell me if you find any bugs or mistakes. If you want to have another localization, I would be glad to do it if I get help for the translation.

I would like to thank Oskar Lissheim and Volker Desinger for their translation.

Jérôme Lebel

Oskar Lissheim (Swedish tranlator)

Volker Desinger (German translator)

Bug known:
The font panel needs to stay in the background if you want to change the font in the preference panel.

* 10/19/00
German translation by Volker Desinger.

* 10/11/00 Version 1.5
The background color is changeable.
Contextual menu on the clock.
The calendar font is changeable
The calendar window is resizable.
Swedish translation by Oskar Lissheim.

* 10/10/00
There is no more icon in the dock.

* 10/04/00 Version 1.4.1
A small bug about using the Font Panel has been fixed.

* 8/19/00 Version 1.4
Choice for X origin and Y origin (it's usefull when the screen resolution is changed).
The highlighted day in the calendar is updated everytime the user double-click on the clock.

* 7/09/00 Version 1.3.1
French localization
A '%' character at the end of the format in the expect mode doesn't crash anymore.

* 7/09/00 Version 1.3
Basic mode to setup the time format and the date format.

* 6/29/00 Version 1.2
There is a calendar when the user double-click on the clock.

* 6/16/00 Version 1.1.2
The clock position is locked by default, but you can move it by option-click.
The font is settable.

* 6/9/00 Version 1.1.1
The Edit menu is back.
It was crashing if no preference file existed: fixed.
Size clock is now settable.
The preference panel update the clock position if you move it

* 6/9/00 Version 1.1
Preferences has been added (time color, date color, time format, date format, position). I know, I should do a better interface for the preferences, but I don't have time right now. Plus, I would prefer to get the time format and the date format from the system, but I don't know how to do it.

* 6/1/00 Version 1.0
First version.