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iBuild Lite/iBuild Pro

What is it?

iBuild is a powerful and easy-to-use multimedia authoring and creativity tool for the Apple Macintosh.

You can use it to create a vast range of "stacks" and applications: interactive presentations, photo-albums, movie-albums, slide shows, e-books, educational courseware, quizzes and tests, talking books, games, stand-alone applications, kiosk contents.

Just let your imagination and creativity run loose!

iBuild stacks contain cards, which contain objects of various kinds: text, graphics, buttons, controls, neon signs, clocks, movies, graphs fact there are more than 40 different types of objects available. A wide range of ready made example objects, templates and stacks is available via an easy-to-use drag 'n drop library.

Sophisticated stacks may be built without any scripting. But if you do choose to use scripting, then the full power and flexibility of Apple's familiar AppleScript scripting language is available. This enables not only access and manipulation of a card's objects, but communication with any other scriptable application. For example, you could make a specialized front-end to FileMaker Pro, or a personalized program launcher.

Other key features:
* extensive QuickTime support
* synthesized text-to-speech
* questions, answer checking, scores, reporting - ideal for educational courseware
* integrated, easy to use and intuitive stack development environment

Contact information:


iBuild Lite / iBuild Pro

iBuild Lite is freeware!
But it's not just a player; you can use it to create stacks of up to 25 cards using the Lite design level, and no registration code is required to do this.

iBuild Pro can be used to create stacks of any length, without restrictions.
You can also use iBuild Lite as a demo of iBuild Pro, in other words to try out the advanced features of iBuild Pro (save-disabled). If you like the demo, you can convert iBuild Lite to iBuild Pro by simply purchasing a registration code (no further downloads required!). Please visit our web site to do this.

System requirements:

Macintosh computer
System 8.1 or later, System 8.6 or later preferred (8.6+ required for automated updates and downloading of stacks from the Internet)
10 Mb free RAM, 6 Mb or greater preferred
14" (640x480 pixels) color monitor, or larger, 15" (800 x 600) required for development environment
QuickTime, version 4 preferred
Speech manager extension recommended

Preview status

iBuild is currently in "preview" release.

The software is largely complete and we do not envision any major changes prior to the full version 1 release. However in the preview version:

some example stacks are not yet available
the program's "Guide" and "Library" are not yet 100% complete.