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Thank you for downloading Flashcard Wizard 1.0
A free product brought to you by The Fool's Workshop

AS OF 1.2 FLASHCARD WIZARD IS FREEWARE. Optional registration can be made to donate to an educational charity, but no payment is required for unlimited use of the program. A complete redesign of the program is underway and will be released as 2.0 upon completion under the GPL Open Source license. No date is set for release.

What's New in 1.2

Summary: The 1.2 update fixes a few bugs in the 1.0 release and adds a few minor features. These include the ability to edit entries while conducting interval study, ability to tab out of the comment field, and a few new export options, most notable export to a format which can be recognized by a number of PalmOS flashcard programs. These are still text files though, and must be converted to a ".pdb" Palm file before they can be used with PalmOS applications.

€ Added: When pressing tab in the comment field of the "Add Entry" window, the previous comments will not cycle through but rather you will be moved to the next field.
€ Added: New Export features for Palm flashcard programs have been added. However, after export, these files must still be converted to ".pdb" files before they can be used on the palm.
€ Added: You may now export to the Vocab flashcard file format.
€ Fixed: The version number is now saved correctly in FcW files.
€ Fixed: FcW files may now be opened directly from the finder without the "AppleEvent" error in the 1.0 version.
€ Fixed: Popup menus in the printing window now work properly. An error, never reported, was found
€ Added: In response to several requests, and my own annoyance at the lack of this feature, you may now edit entries while you conduct interval study on them. The changes will not be fully saved until after you finish interval study, and will affect only those files which are in the user file folder.

Set Library

There is an online library of sets that users of Flashcard Wizard or any other database/flashcard application may download for free. You may submit your own sets or tab/comma delimited text files to See the new set library page at:


Flashcard Wizard has already been given the full 5 cow rating by TuKids Educational Network and has been included at

Consider giving other users your thoughts on Flashcard Wizard, either positive or negative. Please consider sending your comments to Version Tracker and Applelinks, two locations people find information about Flashcard Wizard. All links are below:


This program is FREEWARE, and you may use it as you please. Registration is still active in the application, but all payments made through Kagi for registraiton of the software will not be accepted as a shareware payment but rather posted at and donated to the educational charity described at:

You may make the donation and register Fool's Workshop at:


If you find any bugs, please take the time to report them at Also, if there are features you feel should be added to Flashcard Wizard, please make your suggestions to When using Flashcard Wizard, you may download a "Bug Report" from within the program to view recently reported bugs, workarounds, and other info.

You can find updates of Flashcard Wizard, an online version of the help files, and well as FAQs and news at the Fool's Workshop web site: You may also download update info directly from the "Update Report" feature in the Apple menu of the application for info on the newest version of Flashcard Wizard and progress on coming versions.

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Flashcard Wizard ©2000 The Fool's Workshop and Konrad Mitchell Lawson
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