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Version 1.0

Created by Ryan Dary (

This program is a simple Check book register equivilent. If many people use it and like it, then I will continue to update it. Please email so I know you are using it. It is 100% freeware and I would love to make sure that no bugs are in it, so let me know if you find one. Also inform me of improvement ideas.


Simply create an new account, and then use the balloons to teach you what the buttons do. You just select new withdrawal or deposit and then fill in the information in the Transaction inspector.

NOTE: The Apple Menu says EasyCheck because that was the original name of the software, and I just forgot to change it. It will be fixed in the next release.

DISCLAIMER: Use this software under your own risk. Although I have tested this software and have depended on it for my own finances, I cannot be held responsible for any lost or incorrect information due to errors or misuse. Please be careful and double check and even backup. Thanks.