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MacDICT 1.4
By Navdeep Bains

What is It?
MacDICT is a DICT client. The DICT protocol let's you access a number of databases available online. MacDICT currently connects to, if anyone knows about any other DICT servers, email me

How Do I Use It?
Define(Command-D) lets you look up terms in databases
Match(Command-M) lets you find words that match a certain query
Translate(Command-T) lets you translate words and common phrases into other languages
Search(Command-E) lets you search a number of databases located on the web
There's more info on features added along the way in the Release Notes(next chapter)

Does this thing expire?
Nope, unlike my other programs, MacDICT doesn't expire. I've included a Register program if you'd like to pay anyway(I could use the money)

Contact Info:

Who made the about picture?
Zoomerang Design, Ltd.
135C South Broad Street
Woodbury, NJ 08096-2410
Voice 856.251.9141
Fax 856.251.9040
Cell 609.238.0882