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HTML Converter
Version 1.0.2, by Nikita Zhuk, MacZ software
Release date: 08/03/2000

What is HTML Converter?

HTML Converter is a free utility for converting special characters to corresponding HTML character codes (for example '' -> '©' or '"' -> '"') in HTML files. These character codes are required by web browsers for displaying special characters correctly.

Using HTML Converter

Using the application is very easy. Just drop a HTML file containing special characters onto HTML Converter. The special characters will be replaced with the HTML character codes. The process takes a few seconds at most. You can also drop whole folders of HTML files onto the application's icon to convert several HTML files in one go.

Please notice that you can convert documents only by dropping files/folders onto HTML Converter's icon. However if you launch the application by double-clicking it, you will be able to set the sub-folder conversion setting on or off. Subfolder conversion means that HTML Converter will convert all folders which are inside the folder that you drop onto it's icon. When this feature is off, only files on the parent level of the dropped folder will be converted.

System requirements

System 7.1 or later
68K or PowerPC processor
1.5 MB HD space

Contact information

Snail Mail:
Nikita Zhuk
Panunkatu 27
57210 Savonlinna
Suomi, Finland

Copyright information

HTML Converter is 2000 by Nikita Zhuk, MacZ software. All Rights Reserved. You can distribute HTML Converter free, copy it and store it on your file server as long as the whole distribution of HTML Converter is kept together, the application is not modified, translated or reverse-engineered in any way and as long as no file in the distribution of HTML Converter is modified. HTML Converter can also be included, without my prior permission, without changes and with this "Read Me" file in all CD-ROM or disk shareware collections and in all CD-ROM or Disk magazines (anyway an e-mail or a snail mail would be welcome, as well a copy of the magazine or media).

This software is provided "as is" and without warranty of any kind, implied or expressed. When using it you assume all responsibility for any damages caused, directly or indirectly, by its use. If you find some problem using this software, e-mail us about it, and we'll do our best to fix it.