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ChrisPerfect 2.0b1 Release Notes:

What you can do with ChrisPerfect:

ChrisPerfect is a full featured word processor, with justification, double spacing and font styles. It's small memory footprint makes it perfect for portables and slower systems.

What you cannot do with ChrisPerfect (yet):

*Page Numbering
*Spelling/Grammar check.
*When you make changes to a document, ChrisPerfect will NOT warn you before you quit or start a new document.

System Requirements:

Any PowerPC Mac or clone, Mac OS 8.1 or greater.
When running ChrisPerfect it will use 1 meg of RAM.

You may freely distribute this program because it's free!!! If you put in a commercial CD or something, send me a copy so I can gloat to my friends =)

Copyright (c) Chris Turkel and Mac Gorilla, Ltd. All rights reserved. Parts of ChrisPerfect based on the WASTEfield text engine. WASTE Text Engine 1993-2000 Marco Piovanelli

Made with REALBasic.

Send questions/coments/bug reports to

Change log:
1.0 First Build, not released. Based on REALBasic Tutorial
2.0b1 First Public release. Uses WASTEfield Text Engine
2.0b2 Second Public Release. "About Box" works now.