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A freeware index card program
by Marc Respass, 2000
Written in REALbasic.

CardFiler is based on Bill Atkinson's QuickFile.
Thanks to Ed Lerner who emailed me asking for
a program like QuickFile and I decided to give it a shot.

Click in Find field, then type search text and Return
Press Return to find next
Press Shift-Return to find backwards
Press Tab to clear the search text
Press Enter to create a new card

CardFiler is an index card program. It lets you create "cards" and search for them. In the Find field, enter a list of words separated by a space and CardFiler will find the card with all of those words (an AND search).

You can have multiple card files. You can set the file that you want to use as a default and it will be opened when CardFiler is opened. You can also choose to have the default file opened or not.

Use the Import command to import your old QuickFileData files.