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WorkReminder v1.0

By Wade Tregaskis, 2100 Software

WorkReminder is a free little app that helps you manage notes on current projects. If you're anything like us, you'll have 50 thousand of the little buggers, and the NotePad becomes simply unsuitable. Enter WorkReminder, which basically replaces NotePad as an excellent program to store plain text, stored under various headings.

Using WorkReminder is easy - click the "New..." button to create a new catagory/project, and it'll appear appended to the list. Click any project to bring up the note window, into which you can type as much as you like. Close the window and your text is automatically saved. If a project has any text attached, you'll see a little note icon next to it in the main window to serve as a simple indicator.

To delete a project/catagory, open it's note window and select "Delete Project" from the file menu.

And that's about it! Enjoy the program. :)

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