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Smack Biff's Minimum Requirements

* A Macintosh running at least System 7
* Sound Manager 3.0 or later
* 1MB of free RAM and about 1.2 MB of free hard disk space
* A monitor capable of a 640x480 resolution

Please don't take Smack Biff seriously. It is just a little game meant for fun. You
should just take the game with a grain of salt. Also, this game is completely free
so you may copy it and use it wherever you like. As of this release, the music used
for the Smack Biff intro can be found and used freely from I believe that the original file was called

Game Instructions
Smack Biff is a simple game of pointing and clicking. You command an abnormaly
powerful hand (your cursor) and you have a burning desire to smack things; especially
people. Once you're in the game, smack the heads that pop up as much as you can before
they disappear. If you miss, you suffer handlash. If this happens 20 times without
treatment, your poor hand becomes much too hurt to be of any use and the game is over.
Luckily, every now and then, a medkit pops up, which can alleviate some of your hand's
injuries. Unluckily, every now and then, a bomb pops up which, when smacked, explodes
and brings to your hand a large amount of pain equal to about 4 handlash incidents. Also,
you may want to know that if 9 heads pop up and disappear without being smacked, your
hand will lose some of its self-esteem, causing essentially the same effect as a dose of
handlash. Fortunately, the medkits contain Prozac which can relieve this as well.

Known bugs
We have not discovered any bugs in this release so far. If you find one (or more *gasp*),
please email us at the addresses provided below.

Contact Information
If you would like to contact us for any reason (praise, complaint, questions, donations?),
please don't hesitate to email us. We would love to hear how we are doing and who is
using our software.

Mark's E-mail:,
Charlie's E-mail:,

Mark's Website:
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SloppyDisk Software
WebSite (as of this release):

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