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FTupperWare(TM) 2.3.1

©2000 StimpSoft(TM), Inc.
Written by John Schilling

What it is:

FTupperWare is a small and simple FTP application used to monitor a "hot folder" and send any items added to it to an FTP server of your choice.

How to use it:

Upon first launch, FTupperWare will ask you to enter in its general setting. Simply type in the server address, your login name ("anonymous" for guest access), password, and any remote directory you wish to upload files to. Then you must choose a "hot folder" to monitor for new files. This can be either a local folder from your hard drive or a server volume. You can also specify as to the time FTupperWare checks the hot folder for new files, and if you wish to lock these settings from being changed with a master password.

Once you have all the settings in place, simply click the OK button. FTupperWare will then periodically check the hot folder for any new files, and if it finds any, upload them to the FTP server. Once it is done uploading the file(s), it will then move the uploaded file(s) in the hot folder to a new folder it creates called "~Uploaded". If a file with the same name exists in the ~Uploaded folder, it will be moved to the ~Errors folder. If a file already exists there too, it will be overwritten. Please remember to check these folders periodically, as they could fill up fast with files.

FTupperWare cannot upload files that are in use by another application. These files will be skipped until they are no longer in use, then uploaded. Also, FTupperWare cannot upload folders to an FTP server, only files. Folders and their contents will be skipped by FTupperWare. I suggest compressing all files and folder to a binhex file before dropping into the hot folder. If you want to know how many files in the hot folder have yet to be uploaded, look for the number below the status light.

The status light in the upper right corner gives an indication of the current state of FTupperWare. If it is pulsing green and blue, FTupperWare is in its normal state, waiting for files to arrive in the hot folder. If it is solid yellow, FTupperWare is currently uploading a file. If it is flashing yellow, FTupperWare is paused, and you must hit "Resume" to start it looking for files again. If it is flashing red and yellow, FTupperWare has had a "fatal" error that it can not resolve until its settings are modified. This can be either a bad username, a bad upload directory, or perhaps the hot folder is missing. Either way, the window will display information on what the particular error is.

For help in troubleshooting, you may want to drop down the "Show Server Messages" window, to see the responses the FTP server is sending back.

IMPORTANT NOTE: FTupperWare OVERWRITES files on the ftp server if a file with the same name exists. Use with caution!

VERY VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: There seems to be a bug in Navigation services, so that if you select a hot folder that resides on a server volume, at times it will revert to pointing to the server volume itself. PLEASE, IF YOU CHOOSE TO SELECT A HOT FOLDER FROM A SERVER VOLUME, verify that the path to that folder is correct (and not pointing to the server volume itself) in the settings window after you have chosen it. I am working very hard on fixing this bug.

Fancy Schmancy options:

Email Notification (a valid SMTP server account is needed for this option):
You can choose to be notified (along with a CC: notification to another person) of any errors or successful uploads via email using the Email options in the Settings window. You can choose to have FTupperWare notify you via email if a fatal error has occurred (meaning FTupperWare cannot continue unless the problem is fixed), all errors (including non fatal errors that FTupperWare will try to bypass), or all messages, including verification of all uploaded files. I don't recommend sending email notification on all events, as this can get a bit annoying. FTupperWare will send emails regarding successful uploads only after all items in the hotfolder have been uploaded. New in version 1.2, you can customize the subject line of the emails sent, and also include in that a general summary of the email. The summaries are as follows, depending on the event:

successful upload
login failed
unexpected error
bad directory
busy server
cant connect
unknown error
missing hot folder
connection closed
emptied uploads folder

Event Log:
By default, FTupperWare will keep a log of all events that take place during its run. This includes errors and successful uploads, and any emails sent. This log is called "FTupperWare.log", and is kept in the same folder as the application. If it is removed, a new log file will be made in it's place. The logging option can be turned off under the "General" settings.

File Moving:
You can elect to have FTupperWare either move uploaded files to a folder called "~Uploaded", or have them deleted right away. If you choose to move them (which is the default method), you can also elect to have FTupperWare empty the "~Upload" after a definable amount of uploads.

Master password:
You can also choose to "lock out" the settings for FTupperWare with a master password. With this option turned on, FTupperWare settings cannot be altered without a password.
(NOTE: Master password is "password" until you change it.)

Confirm on quit:
FTupperWare will ask you to confirm quitting by default. This option can be turned off under the General settings tab.

You can tell FTupperWare to play sounds during certain events, such as after a completed transfer, or when an error occurs. Or you can tell it to shut up. It's your choice.

Uploading based on file names:
You can also tell FTupperWare where to stick a file based upon it's filename. By default, FTupperWare uploads all files to whatever path you have defined in the settings window under "Directory". However, if you wish to place files in a different directory based upon a file name, click the "File Paths" tab in the Settings window. You can then add an entry to tell FTupperWare to upload a file to a specific directory based upon key letters in the file name. Example:

Lets say you want to upload everything that isn't an image to "public_html". Type "public_html" into the "Directory" field of the FTP Server area of the settings window. This is the DEFAULT path. Now, if you want any file who's name contains ".jpg" to go into the folder "/images" of the folder "public_html", simply click the "File Paths" tab. A list showing all the defined file paths now pops up. Click the "Add" button to add a path based on the text ".jpg". A new window now pops up. In the field below the text "If file name contains:", type in ".jpg". In the field that says "Upload to directory:", type in "/public_html/images". Click Okay, then "OK" to save the changes. Now when FTupperWare runs across a file whos name contains ".jpg", it will be uploaded to "public_html/images". All other files will be uploaded to "public_html"

How much is FTupperWare?

Free for non commercial use. For commercial use, please send $50 to the address below. You will then receieve, via postal or email (you specifiy which), an UNLIMITED site license for FTupperWare (i.e, you can then install as many copies as you wish without having to pay extra). Please make sure to include your return address or email, and the name of the corporation that will be using FTupperWare.

You may redistribute FTupperWare as you wish, as long as you never charge any money for it. You do not have to email the author if you wish to redistribute this application (although it would be nice, so I can judge how useful you find it)


Version 2.3.1 will only notifiy you of successful uploads after all files have been uploaded, which works better with the new method of staying logged into the server until all files are done.

Version 2.3 will not log out of an FTP server until ALL files have been uploaded, saving much time. You can now also choose to use Passive mode, and Binary or ASCII for transfers. Also made the confirm emails and log entries for uploads more specific to WHERE the upload went to (I.E, what folder)

Version 2.1 adds the option of keeping the preferences file in the same folder as FTupperWare for running multiple copies. It also makes some minor interface tweaks.

Version 2.0: Added the ability to automatically choose the upload directory based off file names.

Version 1.2.1 fixes a bug that caused FTupperWare to show the same upload twice in the verification emails.

Version 1.2 adds the option to customize the subject line of the emails, and fixes a bug in the timestamp of the emails.

Version 1.0 is the initial release.

System Requirements:

Mac OS 7.6.1 or higher, Internet connection (dedicated is best), PowerPC Macintosh, 5MB RAM.


StimpSoft,(TM) and its employees (I.E., John Schilling) are in no way responsible for any damamges or data loss incured to you or your computer. Although FTupperWare has been thoroughly tested, please use this application with caution.

email comments or questions to:

John Schilling
3536 Emerson Ave South #201
Minneapolis,MN 55408

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