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FileWave 10 User Version

by FileWave

What is FileWave?

FileWave is a frontline product for software distribution and management. FileWave performs automated installations and upgrades for all files including the Mac OS, complex application packages, and simple text files. It offers continuous management of local and remote machines, across multiple sites, and is being used by corporations and schools worldwide.

How does FileWave work?

To get started take a look at the setup "document.pdf". If this is something for your company then browse the manual for further in depth information.

FileWave 10 User version is completely free for 10 users. You can use it whenever you want and give it to whomever you want, provided that the following components are included with it: "Read Me First!", "License Agreement", "Setup Document.pdf", "FileWave 10 User Server Install", "FileWave User Installer", "FileWave Manual.pdf", "FileWave Admin Installer", If you wish to contact us, send an email to

Take also a look at our Web Site for the latest info on our products

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