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Since EagleData is a Mac program there should be no manual necessary, as mac-users don't read manuals anyway. For those of you who can't live without one, here is a short reference:

EagleData menu-reference:
Creates a new Database. First you have to define what fields you need.

Opens an existing EagleData file.

Opens a tabtext file and creates a new database.

Imports a tabtext file into an existing database.

Closes the current database window.

Saves the changes to disc.

Save as
Saves the database under a different name.
You have the option to save all records or the current selection only.
In addition you can choose to save your data as tabtext or as html-table.

Page Setup
Lets you define the print settings.

Prints the currently selected records using the current layout.

Print Labels
Prints the currently selected records as labels. How many labels fit in a row is defined by the "width"-parameter in the layout-editor

Quits the program.
Lets you search for records.

Lets you sort the database.

New record
Adds a new, empty record to the database.

Duplicate record
Adds a new record with the same data as the currently selected reord.

Show all
Shows all records.

Show selection
Shows the highlighted records.

Hide selection
Shows the not-highlighted records.

Invert selection
Inverts the highlighted records.

Delete selection
Deletes the highlighted records.

Define fields
Lets you define the fieldnames and -types of your database.

New layout
Creates a new layout.
A layout is a specific view at your data. You can have many different layouts for a database.
E.g. if you have an address database you can have a "phonebook" layout where only the names and phonenumbers are shown in addition to the standard layout.
You can easily switch between layouts using the popup menu in the database window.

Edit layout
Lets you edit the currently selected layout.

Delete layout
Deletes the currently selected layout (can't delete the last layout).

Set value
Lets you insert/append a value in/to all currently selected records.

Enters a serial number for all selected records into one of the fields. The previous contents of that field will be lost!
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