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Vid4Win 2 QT 1.0 By G&G Klingsoft. (

Developed by Ben Klingberg (

What is Vid4Win 2 QT?
Vid4Win 2 QT is a program designed to convert Windows Video Clip files (suffix= .AVI) into Quicktime movie files (suffix= .MOV). It features an easy to use interface, a special help box (On-line help coming with next version...), and lots of options for those of you who don't like taking up much space with two of the same movie. For more info about the features of this program, Select "Vid4Win 2 QT Help" from the help menu. More than anything, we hope you find this program useful.

How do I pay for Vid4Win 2 QT?
You don't have to pay a cent for this marvelous program! Yes, not a cent, because this program is contact-us-if-you-like-it-ware, which means we appreciate any feedback on our products. Why don't you come to our site? You can sign our guestbook, drop us a line by email, download some of our other programs for both IBM and Mac, and even take up a seat in our chat room. Got any programs of yours you'd like to show us? Want to put a banner on our page in exchange for one on yours? Want to tell us where some cool sites are? Want to give us your email address for regular updates to our programs and some news on what's coming up? The list of options is huge, an your under no obligation to do anything, it's just that we would really appreciate it.

Thanks again,
G&G Klingsoft.

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