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Welcome to StevePerfect 3.6.6

What is StevePerfect and why would you ever use it?
This is the first online public release of StevePerfect. The previous versions were too useless to bother with downloading. The purpose of StevePerfect is to have a simple typing interface that is slightly more useful than Apple's Simpletext. It also supports the latest Macintosh advances that Apple has yet to include with Simpletext.

What does StevePerfect do?
StevePerfect supports the basic typing features: Font, Style, Size, Search, Save, Open, and Find. It also includes some new features such as quick button links to Sherlock 2 and your default web browser (only supported in MacOS 9). StevePerfect is completely balloon help compatible and also features a help system. It also uses Apple's new Open/Save windows otherwise known as navigation services. StevePerfect is completely worldscript savvy so you can type in whatever language you prefer. It also now features printing and mp3/quicktime support!

What are the requirements?
You need at least:
System 7.5.5
7 megs of free memory (with or without virtual memory)
1500k of hard disk space
Screen Resolution of 800 X 600 (iBook size)
Quicktime 4.1 (for music support)

For some features you need at least:
Internet Config (Installed on MacOS 8 and above by default)
Internet Connection
PowerPC processor (For playing MP3 files while you work)
Mac OS 9
Sherlock 2
Web Browser
Navigation Services library (MacOS 8.1 or higher)

StevePerfect has been tested on MacOS 8.5 and above. As always, use StevePerfect at your own risk.

What do you have planned for the future?
Streaming Audio/Video support so you can watch TV or listen to the radio while you work (not that I'm saying that will increase productivity).
Find and replace instead of just find.
Tab support.
Close option from the menus.
More size options.
Text-to-speech capabilities so you can have a corny computer voice read your document.
Play lists for the MP3 music files so you don't have to put a file called "Music" in the StevePerfect folder.
Decrease in the RAM requirements for the program.
MacOS X support (sometime after it is released of course).
Better style icons then just letters.
Better printing support.

Yes, this all sounds very ambitious, but this program has come a long way in very little time, so you may see some of these features soon. I take requests from users so send in those e-mails!

Are there any limitations?
StevePerfect currently doesn't support it's own filetype. As of now if you double click on a StevePerfect saved document the MacOS will ask you to choose an application to open it. This is set up so that you could choose to have StevePerfect documents open in other applications very easily. To open a saved StevePerfect document open StevePerfect first and then click the open button on the left side of the main window or select "open" from the file menu.

Q. My StevePerfect keeps running out of memory and quiting. What gives?
A. In the finder click once on the StevePerfect icon. In MacOS 8.5 and above click the general information tab and select memory. In all other MacOS versions skip that step. Click on the suggested memory box and increase the memory by a meg or so. That should fix it.

Q. When I do print from the file menu only the cancel button prints anyway? What gives again?
A. I'm working on that one. It is basically the only bug in StevePerfect. To avoid that problem use the print button in the document window.

Q. My computer says this is not a valid .exe file. Where's the love?
A. This program only works on a Macintosh. Do not open it in Windows. Case closed.

Anything else?
As always use StevePerfect at your own risk. I don't guarantee anything nor do I plan to anytime in the future. I hope it provides you with a simple editor that leaves off where Apple did a couple of years ago. You may use StevePerfect free of charge. All I ask is if you find it at all useful you drop me a line via e-mail and let me know. If you think it is terrible I wouldn't mind "constructive" criticism either (I think we all learned that phrase in the 3rd grade). Also, I currently don't have enough money to produce a Windows version so don't plan to see one anytime soon. I have tested a few Windows builds but I don't have enough money to buy a compiler for Windows. Also the Windows version I made lacked many of the useful features that are included with the Mac version. So if you really want to see a Windows version send me an e-mail and enough federal reserve notes to do the job.

Also, the bar on the left of the window uses the new Mac OS X Aqua style buttons that I found on ResExcellence. I did this because I think the icons Apple made are very straight forward and will provide the user with an easy to use interface. Unfortunately I have noticed that Apple is very protective over the new Aqua interface. If the buttons in StevePerfect are in any way violating any copyrights at Apple, or someone at Apple actually cares about StevePerfect (now that would be the shocker of the century) then please let me know and I will remove the icons from the StevePerfect application and create some boring ones myself. Also the main application icon was taking from a set of NeXT icons I found on the internet at one point, but I don't remember who made them. So if you made any of the icons included with my software please let me know and I'll put you in the credits or take them out of the program if you really care.

So who is Steve?
I am a first year student at The University of California, Davis. While I am far from perfect, I hope this application is closer to it. This application was made with on a Powerbook G3 333mhz. It also provided me a great distraction from my French homework. If you have questions about the software please e-mail me at

For the printing code I would like to thank Matt Neuburg. Not only did he write most of the code for the printing but he also wrote a wonderful guide to programming. Without it this document would never be printed in our lifetime!

StevePerfect 3.1 is copyright 1999-2000. All rights are reserved. Use at your own risk.

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