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Hi, thanks for downloading SimpleURL 1.3.

A short explanation as to why there is yet ANOTHER application to keep track of your favorite web sites and email addresses.

Most of the applications I have seen recently that do this write the data file into the preference folder of the system folder. This is ok if you are just using one computer, but I do not want to bother with fishing around in the preference folder to copy a data file onto a disk so I can have a consistent list of favorite places and email addresses when I go to work.

SimpleURL writes a file where you tell it to. (I keep the file and the application on a zip and run it from that.)


Start SimpleURL.

Drag and drop a site address or an email address from your browser / email application onto the SimpleURL list.

Double click the site address or the email address to launch your browser or email software. (internet config must be installed for this to work.) if there is more than 1 entry SimpleURL will prompt you for which one you would like to open. if there is only one entry, SimpleURL will not ask.

If your browser is currently running you can drag the site address from the SimpleURL list and drop it onto your web browser window. if there are 2 entries, then SimpleURL will just use the one in the FIRST position in the edit field.

To edit a name or the address in the list: Highlight your choice. Click the edit button.

To delete a site address or email address: Highlight your choice. Click the remove button.

See About SimpleURL under the Apple Menu for further instructions.

SimpleURL has been tested with system 8.0 - 9.0 and is Power PC only.

SimpleURL is FREEWARE. Email me if you have any feature suggestions.

SPECIAL THANKS TO COREY AT THE IconFactory for permission to use his "sketchcon" globe in SimpleURL.


* Drag and drop URL's and email addresses from browsers.

* Drag and drop many URL's and email addresses from the finder.

* Exports a HTML file with clickable links. just drop on your browser to view.

* Window is resizable for those long addresses.

* All preferences are stored in each data file. SimpleURL writes nothing into the system folder of your computer. (or anyone elses.)

* Sorts the list alphabetically (or you can choose to turn this off in the preferences)

* View by the name you give, or the URL / email address.

* Can have 2 addresses per item.

* Double click on an item to launch your browser or email application. If you have for example a URL and an email address for the same item, SimpleURL will ask you which one it should go to.


* Keyboard shortcuts for Adding, Deleting and Editing bookmarks.

* Writes a "correct" html file when exporting. (THANKS Martin!)

* Main window is now resizable.

* SimpleURL now saves ALL preferences into each data file. This makes the application completely portable. It writes nothing into the Preference folder, so no matter if you are at work or at home, your window will be exactly the size you left it, and where you left it the last time you saved / quit. Your old data file WILL still work with this version, but it will not contain the preference information until you save it with version 1.3.

* Sorting the list is now a preference. (Edit / Preferences)

* Fixed a bug deleting the last record from the list.

* SimpleURL now supports dragging multiple addresses onto it.

* the edit fields in the add / edit box are now longer.

* you can now export a html file of all your addresses. drop this file onto your open browser window..........and presto! you now have a link page with headings.

* the main window is a little wider.

* changed the way SimpleURL handles a dropped object. now it does not pop up a dialog box to name the dropped object. it now displays the first 25 characters of the address for the name. you will have to change the name of the item later if you want.

* fixed a bug with canceling a save after opening.

* changed the "new address" icon.

* changed the check boxes to radio buttons in the preferences box.

* SimpleURL now saves the window position on quit.

* fixed a bug when opening another data file through the open menu when a list was already open. SimpleURL now asks you if you want to save if there were changes made to the open file.

* SimpleURL now sorts the list alphabetically

* Added a second space for either a email address or a url. when SimpleURL detects 2 items it will ask you which one to use.

* Made a custom folder icon.

* Initial release.

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