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Shockmachine v1.2 Release Notes

Known Issues
If you have problems

Hello and thank you for installing Shockmachine version 1.2. We're confident that you're going to thoroughly enjoy this new extension of our very popular Shockwave entertainment environment. Once you've successfully installed and launched Shockmachine, please click on the "Click Here to Start" button on the Shockmachine interface to get yourself oriented. You can also check out the "?" button to find answers to specific questions.

Prior to installing Shockmachine, you will need to download and install the latest version of Shockwave... version 8.0 or greater. Please see visit the Shockwave Download Center at to get the latest Shockwave Player.

If you are installing Shockmachine on a Macintosh, it is recommended that you have version 3.4 or greater of the Sound Manager extension. This can be obtained easily by installing Quicktime 4 from Quicktime can be installed before or after your Shockmachine installation.

- If you can't save a Shockwave or Flash movie from a Web page, that means that the author of that movie has specified that the movie not be savable.

- For best results, only change Shockmachine's "settings" when a movie is not currently playing.

- If you have the earliest version of Windows 95 with Internet Explorer version 3, you may have problems installing Shockmachine.

- Occasionally, the cursor may stick in the "grabbing hand" icon. Simply play a content title and the cursor icon will revert back to normal.

- You will not hear sound when fast-forwarding a Flash movie. Sound will resume when you deactivate fast-forward.

- Shockmachine's tool tips will appear over the help window if you are rolling over any part of the help window that is covering a Shockmachine interface element. As a workaround... use Shockmachine's "settings" dialog to turn off tool tips.

- Resizing the help window may result in distorted or unreadable text. Simply resize it back to an aspect ratio that is similar to when the help window first opened.

- On rare occasions, playing/ejecting a Flash movie may result in no sounds from your Shockmachine. Simply play a Shockwave title that has sound, and sound will be restored.

- You may experience intermittent crashes when saving or playing Shockmachine movies on a Macintosh with system 8.1 or 8.5. In this case, please verify that you have version 3.4 or greater of the Sound Manager extension as recommended in "Requirements" above.

In the unlikely event that you encounter problems installing or operating Shockmachine, please visit our website and follow the links to the Shockmachine members area.

Enjoy Shockmachine!

The Shockmachine Product Team

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