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© 1988, 1992 Exodus Software, All Rights Reserved

Permission is granted to make and distribute copies of this software, provided copyright notices are preserved on all copies and accompanying documentation. The software may not, however, be sold or distributed for profit, or included with other software which is sold or distributed for profit, without the permission of Exodus Software.

Retriever(TM) Light

In May of 1988, Exodus Software released our first Macintosh Product, Retriever(TM). With the recent release of Retriever II, the original version of Retriever has been renamed and re-released in a new System 7 compatible version for free non-commercial use.

Retriever(TM) Light is the name of the newly updated and renamed product. Retriever Light is a powerful database desk accessory targeted toward the business user. It's usefulness is in allowing the user to "Retrieve" and manipulate important lists of information without leaving the current application. Portions of the data may be hidden, or shown, to make use of valuable screen space. Data may be Searched, Sorted, or Marked for easy data handling. Retriever Light works hand in hand with many Macintosh applications. The data can easily be imported from, or exported to, most Databases, Spreadsheets, and Word Processors.

Retriever Light is NOT a demo! It is NOT crippled in any way! It is a fully functional flat file database desk accessory that we have released as... Adware.

What's Adware?

Adware is a software product, distributed at no charge, with the sole purpose of advertisement in mind. It's not shareware, we aren't asking you to use it for a while and then pay us to keep it. It's not a demo, it has the full functionality of the original commercial version. It's not commercial, you don't need to shell out several hundred dollars on the hopes that it will suit your needs. It Adware. It's free, no strings attached, no guilt, and no loss of cash. If you like it, use it. If you don't like it, pass it on to a friend. If you want more, buy Retriever II.
How do I use Retriever(TM) Light?

The original version of Retriever received high marks, by the Macintosh press, for its ease of use. In fact, MacWorld magazine probably put it best when they said...

"If you work with lists or tables but don't want to spend much time mastering a new application (training time for Retriever is about ten minutes), take this little program seriously"
Charles Seiter, MacWorld, November 1988

Our experience with our users over the years tells us that you will be able to take Retriever Light and begin creating your own databases within minutes. If there is anything that is unclear, simply click on the help button in the icon bar at the top of the Retriever Light window. (shown below)


* The original, 90 page, Retriever 1.0 manuals are available for a limited time at a cost of $20.00. To order a manual, simply fill out the order form on the last page of this document.



Retriever II is a completely rewritten successor to the original Retriever product.
The new version of Retriever retains the familiar iconic interface and ease of use
of its predecessor, while incorporating many powerful new features.

Retriever II new features include:

* Retriever II Application as well as DA Version.
* Calculated and Numeric field types
* Redesigned database structure to allow up to 16,000 records.
* Speed has been dramatically improved in most areas, including opening & saving files.
* Phone Dialing includes Local, Long Distance, International and Calling Card support.
* Expanded Marking options including three independent Mark Sets
* Stable sort allows multi-level sorting.
* User can specify Font and Size to display data
* Powerful new Import/Export features, including joining fields during import.
* Retriever II Smart folder and Startup File provide easy access to Retriever files.
* Columns can be re-arranged by simply dragging them to a new location.
* Groups of cells can be selected by dragging for more flexible Cut, Copy, & Paste.
* System 7 Compatible.



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Retriever II $49.00 $
Retriever Light Manual $20.00 $
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Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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