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So just what is a PushPad anyway?

It started out as a cool web site that caught a lot of attention ... and snagged a few awards along the way. It became such a popular page that we decided to see what would happen if we unleashed it as a free shell for anyone to download and customize. Now you can be part of the excitement.

PushPad is a simple way to organize your web site into a cool customizable console. It's for those of you who dabble in html and can create simple gifs. Its different ... and best of all it's FREE.

So what's the catch? None. Go ahead and add in your own logos and sub pages. And when you're finished, if you like what you see, you can always add your site to our growing list of PushPad standouts.

PushPad uses a smaller window than most other sites out there. But that's the idea ... not to fill up the computer screen with tons of text or images. And to keep the navigation simple, it's limited to 7 Main buttons and up to 8 Softkey links for each Main Button, although you can add as many sublinks to each Subpage as needed. Thats up to 56 pages even without sublinks!

And if you ever want to change the look of your site without reformatting the whole thing, you can. There are several "Skins" that will change the look of your PushPad ... plus you can create a unique look of your own.

Once you have your own PushPad site online, let us know and we'll post a link back to your site. What are you waiting for? Start your own PushPad site today.

To get started, open the PushPad HTML Source Code folder and use your favorite browser to view the index.html page. This page contains some simple guidelines on site structure and flow. Take a look, then do it your way ... it's your site.


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