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What to do if you don't have POV-Ray

This documentation assumes you already have POV-Ray installed and
running however the POV-Team does distribute this file by itself
in various formats including online on the internet. If you
don't have POV-Ray or aren't sure you have the official version
or the latest version, then the following sections will tell you
what to get and where to get it.

Which Version of POV-Ray should you use?
POV-Ray can be used under MS-Dos, Windows 3.x, Windows for
Workgroups 3.11, Windows 95, Windows NT, Apple Macintosh 68k,
Power PC, Amiga, Linux, UNIX and other platforms. The latest
versions of the necessary files are available on our web site
at and through various CD distributions.
See section "Where to Find POV-Ray Files" for more info. If
your platform is not supported and you are proficient in compiling
source code programs written in C then, see section "Compiling
POV-Ray" for more information.

Apple Macintosh
The MacOS versions run under Apple's MacOS operating system
version 7.1 or newer, on any 68020/030/040-based Macintosh-
compatible computer (with or without a floating point
coprocessor) or any of the PowerPC Macintosh-compatible

Required hardware and software:
A 68020 or better CPU without a floating point unit (LC or
Performa or Centris series); at least 8 MB RAM or
A 68020 or better CPU *with* a floating point unit (Mac II or
Quadra series); at least 8 MB RAM or
Any PowerPC Macintosh computer and at least 8 MB RAM.
System 7.1 or newer and color QuickDraw (System 6 is no longer
Appearance Extension is also required now. This comes standard
in MacOS 8, but can be downloaded from Apple's web
site <> and installed on any
Mac running 7.1 or newer.
Navigation Services is not required, but will enhance the
open/save dialogs if it is present. It is also a free
extension available from Apple's web site, which can be used
in 7.5.5 or newer.
About 6 MB free disk space to install and an additional 2-10
MB free space for your own creations (scenes and images).
Graphic file viewer utility capable of viewing Mac PICT, GIF
and perhaps TGA and PNG formats (the shareware
GraphicConverter or GIFConverter applications are good.)

Required POV-Ray files:
POVMACNF.SIT or POVMACNF.SIT.HQX - a Stuffit archive
containing the non-FPU 68K Macintosh application, sample
scenes, standard include files and documentation (slower
version for Macs without an FPU) or
POVMAC68.SIT or POVMAC68.SIT.HQX - a Stuffit archive
containing the FPU 68K Macintosh application, sample scenes,
standard include files and documentation (faster version for
Macs WITH an FPU) or
POVPMAC.SIT or POVPMAC.SIT.HQX - a Stuffit archive containing
the native Power Macintosh application, sample scenes,
standard include files and documentation.

68030/33 or faster with FPU, or any Power Macintosh
8 MB or more RAM for 68K Macintosh;
16 MB or more for Power Macintosh systems.
Color monitor preferred, 256 colors OK, but thousands or
millions of colors is even better.

Optional: The source code is not needed to use POV-Ray. It is
provided for the curious and adventurous. POV-Ray can be compiled
using Apple's MPW 3.3, Metrowerks CodeWarrior Pro or Symantec 8.
POVMACS.SIT or POVMACS.SIT.HQX - The full C source code for
POV-Ray for Macintosh. Contains generic parts and Macintosh
specific parts. It does not include sample scenes, standard
include files and documentation so you should also get the
executable archive as well.

All Versions
Each executable archive includes full documentation for POV-Ray
itself as well as specific instructions for using POV-Ray with
your type of platform. All versions of the program share the same
ray-tracing features like shapes, lighting and textures. In other
words, an MS-Dos-PC can create the same pictures as a Cray
supercomputer as long as it has enough memory. The user will want
to get the executable that best matches their computer hardware.

In addition to the files listed above, the POV-Team also
distributes the user documentation in two alternate forms. Note
this is the same documentation distributed in other archives but
in a different format. This may be especially useful for MS-Dos
or Unix users because their documentation is plain ASCII text
POVUSER.PDF - Tutorial and Reference documentation in Adobe
Acrobat PDF format. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader available
for Windows 3.x, Windows 95/98/NT, Mac and some Unix
systems. Go to to get
the reader for free.
POVHTML.ZIP - Archive containing Tutorial and Reference
documentation in html for viewing with any internet browser.
POV31W97.ZIP - Archive containing Tutorial and Reference
documentation in Microsoft Word 97 format.

See the section "Where to Find POV-Ray Files" for where to find
these files. You can contact those sources to find out what the
best version is for you and your computer.

Where to Find POV-Ray Files
The latest versions of the POV-Ray software are available from
the following sources.

World Wide Website
The internet home of POV-Ray is reachable on the World Wide Web
via the address and via ftp as Please stop by often for the latest files,
utilities, news and images from the official POV-Ray internet

The newsgroup has many
competent POV-Ray users that are very willing to share their
knowledge. They generally ask that you first browse a few files
to see if someone has already answered the same question, and of
course, that you follow proper "netiquette". If you have any
doubts about the qualifications of the folks that frequent the
group, a few minutes spend at the Ray Tracing Competition pages
at will quickly convince you!

Also the POV-Team operates its own news server on the internet
with several news groups related to POV-Ray and other interesting
programs. For more information about the server

Books, Magazines and CD-ROMs
Unfortunately all English language books on POV-Ray are out of
print and there are no plans to reprint them. However there
is now a POV-Ray 3.02 book and CD-ROM available in Japanese.
It talks about the Windows and Mac versions of POV-Ray, and
various utilities. The CD-ROM is dual format, Windows/Mac.
It was written in Japan by Hideki Komuro-san, and published
by ASCII Corp. in June 1998, ISBN 4-7561-1831-3.

Many popular computer magazines have been authorized to
distribute POV-Ray on cover CDs. Note that such distributions
of the official version of POV-Ray is permitted under the terms
of the General License in the file POVLEGAL.DOC. The POV-Team
does not endorse the distributor or its products. The POV-Team
receives no compensation for this distribution.

The POV-Team does endorse some CD-ROMs containing POV-Ray which
are prepared by team members. A portion of the proceeds from
these CDs support our internet sites and other team activities.
You can always find the latest information on what is available
at our web site

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