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PictWave 0.9.3b

What is it?
PictWave allows you to distort the image or the movie.
You can also save the scene as a QuickTime movie.

System Requirement
MacOS8 or later
PowerPC ( G3 or G4 is recommended )
QuickTime2.5 or later

Quick Start
1.Choose "Open" from "File" Menu, and open the image or the movie.
2.Click in the Window.
3.Choose "Options" from "Windows" Menu. Set "Options" properly.
4.Choose "Save" from "File" Menu.
5.Press "OK" to all dialogs.

*Open: open the image or movie. You can also open by dragging files to PictWave application icon.
*Close: close the active window.
*Save: save as QuickTime Movie.
At first, you can rename the filename of the movie.
Next, you can set compression setting and frame number to capture.
*Quit: exit program
*Copy: copy the content of the window as PICT.
*Options: open options dialog

Options Dialog
Type: set type of the wave.
Width: set width of the wave .
Amplitude: Amount of effect.
Amp Kind: set time change of of amplitude.
Cycle: set cycle of time change.
Speed: set speed of wave.

* If you click in the window, you can change center point where the wave expands from,when the kind of wave is "circle" or "circle2".
* You can change the direction of wave when the kind of wave is "line" or "check".
* If you hold down Shift+Option Key, you can view calculation time in the upper left hand corner of the window .(1 means 1/60 second)
* Don't open a large image. It takes long time to handle a large image. 320x240 size is good.
* If you option + click in the window, the origin of the wave will be the center of the image.
* If you handle large images, please allocate more memory to PictWave application.

PictWave is freeware. You can freely use, distribute.
PictWave was written with MacZoop 2.1 © 1999-2000 Graham Cox

Version History
0.9.3b(12.2.00) rewriten with MacZoop. fixed many bugs.
0.8.3b(27.6.99) Fixed minor bugs.
0.8.2b Fixed small bugs.
0.8.1b Fixed bug in saving as a movie.
0.8b Requires MacOS8. Better user-interface. Speed Up!
0.5b First English Version.

Shinichiro Hirama:<>

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