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PageThing(TM) 2

By Matt Ridley

What is PageThing?
PageThing is an application which helps you create customized web image galleries. It will take a folder of images (in GIF and/or JPEG format), and create one webpage for each image. It will also add links between the pages, such as "Previous", "Next", "First", "Last" and numerical links to each page. You can disable any or all of these links if you choose. You can also choose to use images instead of text for the links.

PageThing also lets you customize the pages themselves; you can choose their filenames, titles, text color, link color, background image and lots of other settings. PageThing will remember all your settings when you quit, and load them again when you next launch PageThing.

PageThing also lets you preview your pages in a web-browser, or in a web-authoring application. PageThing will set the 'owner' of the pages (i.e. the Mac creator-code) to the application you choose, so that the pages open in that application when you double-click them in the Finder.

What are the hardware/software requirements for using PageThing?
Any 68k or PPC Mac, and 2Mb of free memory (3Mb recommended).
If you have Mac OS 8.5 or later, PageThing will use the new Navigation Services open/save dialogs, and will adopt your current Appearance theme.

What does PageThing cost?
Absolutely nothing; it's free. If you really feel the need to repay me in some way, just send me an email to say you're using PageThing. You can contact me via my website, at the URL listed at the top of this file.

Can I go ahead and distribute PageThing myself?
No. You must contact me first and we'll work something out. I'll probably be happy to let you distribute the entire PageThing package, but you must ask me first, explaining how you're going to be distributing it.

I've got another question about PageThing which isn't covered here.
Take a look in the "FAQ" folder, inside the main PageThing 2 folder.

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