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MI CONVERT Light 1.0.4 Read me file


MI Convert Light 1.0.4 English Version
© Mike Brackenridge 1999.

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This is a freeware program, so there is no charge but I would ask you to please register this free copy with me so I can keep record of its use and compatability, there is a copy of a registration form in the software folder.
This program is free so please at least return me the favor of registering the program.


This is a small conversion programme for making metric to imperial or imperial to metric conversions, decimal conversions convert to a decimal point which is correct but the imperial conversions also convert to a decimal point, for example an answer that would be 2' 6 " ( or 2 feet 6 inches ) converts to 2.5 feet, this is a decimal readout of two and a half feet = 2'6",
at this time I do not know if there is a way around this or if a mathamatical conversion exists to get an answer in fractions or of 2 feet 6 inches for the decimal input.


This is simple, just drag the "MI Convert " files with onto your desktop and double click to open or decompress if the file is compressed.


Version MI Convert1.0.4 Light English ( Mac )
Added US Gallon Input selection in the Liquid window with UK Gallon output
Added Metre / Feet conversions to the Square window
Smaller conversion and select windows
January 21, 2000

Version MI Convert2 Spanish & English Versions ( Mac )
This is the full shareware version of MI Convert Light
There are now more than 150 conversion possibilities over MI Convert Light
November 10, 1999

Version MI Convert1.0.3 Light English ( Mac )
Temperature window now uses a minus in the output
Small cosmetic problem sorted
November 10, 1999

Version MI Convert1.0.3 Light Spanish & English Versions ( Mac and PC )
Name changed to MI Convert
October 2, 1999

Version 1.0.3 Light English and Spanish versions available ( Mac )
Input value can now only consist of numbers and with or without a decimal point, letters and comma values cannot be used in the input field.
Altered the format to have the Coversion rates read out with commas ( thousands ) and decimal point values. Ie. an answer of one thousand and two would read as: 1,002.00
September 27, 1999

Version 1.0.2 Light ( PC )
September 23, 1999

Version 1.0.2 Light ( Mac )
September 22, 1999

Version 1.0.1
Added a Close menu item to the File menu
Added the selection windows with short cuts to the menu bar ( this option is disabled in the Light Version )
September 20, 1999

Version 1.0 ( Mac )
This was the first compiled version of this Conversion program.
September 18, 1999


MI Convert functions with a small amount or RAM memory, but requires System 7.5
MI Convert Light 1.0.4 is supplied as a fat version ( for both 68k and Power Macintosh )


None that I know of


This softare is freeware and can be freely distributed and used as long as it distributed complete with this Read me file and Registration file.


You use this software at your own risk. This software and accompanying written materials are provided "AS IS" without warranty of any kind. The author does not warrant, or make any representations regarding the use, or results of the use, of this software in terms of correctness, accuracy, reliability, or otherwise.


Please feel free to send any comments, ideas or notes on problems found with MI Convert to me at the e-mail address below.

Thank you.


© Mike Brackenridge 2000 Email:


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