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MathPad 2.5

-- MathPad is a general purpose graphing scientific calculator. It uses a text window rather than simulating buttons on a hand held calculator. This live scratchpad interface allows you to see and edit your entire calculation.

---------- Installation -----------------------
-- MathPad 2.5 runs on any Mac with system 7or better.
-- No special installation is required. MathPad can be run directly from the distribution folder. It does not require or create any auxiliary files. If you are impatient to get started, go ahead and double click on MathPad. Built-in help is available via the Help item under the File menu.

------ installing on 68K Macs
-- The archive file "MathPad68K.sea" contains a 68K version of MathPad. This version will run on any Mac with a 68020 or better. If you do not have a PowerPC processor, double click on this file to extract. If you have no need for a 68K version you can throw this file away.

---------- Upgrading to version 2.5 ----------------
-- See the file "What's New" for a details on how to use new features.
-- Existing version 2.4 documents should work fine with version 2.5.
-- The words "slabel" and "sprintf" are now reserved. These could conflict with existing user names.

---------- Using MathPad --------------------
-- MathPad may be used as a calculator simply by typing in numbers and operators. When the ENTER key is hit, each line is evaluated and the results are inserted into the text.


-- MathPad inserts the ":" and the result "14.0". A status line at the bottom of the window will show a "sqrt " to indicate that evaluation is complete. If any problems are encountered, they will be reported in the status line and the cursor will be moved to the problem in the text. You can edit and reevaluate the text at any time. The RETURN key simply terminates a line. It does not cause any evaluation. The ENTER key is on the numeric keypad (or next to the space bar on PowerBook keyboards).

-- MathPad can do much more than act as a simple calculator. The "Documentation" folder contains more information about MathPad's capabilities.

-- The "Examples" folder contains examples and utility functions. These examples show how to implement such things as equation solving, curve fitting, vector calculations and numerical solutions of differential equations.

-- The "XFuns" folder contains various extensions that can be added to Mathpad's function menu by moving them into MathPad's "Active XFuns" folder. (If MathPad is already running you must quit and restart it to see the new XFun). This distribution includes XFuns for linear fitting, FFT signal processing, 3D plotting etc.
-- An "XFun kit" is available to help programmers create their own XFuns.
-- The distribution folder contains the XFun file "intro help". This adds a few simple examples to the help menu and may be useful for beginning users. This file can be removed to save a little memory and space in the help menu.

-- Check out the MathPad web page <> for more examples and XFuns.

----------- Distribution -------------------
-- MathPad is Copyright © 1993-2000 by Mark Widholm.
-- MathPad is freeware. Selling it for profit without my permission is forbidden.

-- If you use MathPad, send me some e-mail. I can notify you of any bugs, updates etc.

-- Send comments, questions, suggestions and bug reports to:


-- Let me know if you are interested in seeing more examples or if you have a MathPad example that others might be interested in seeing.

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