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Version 1.0, © by Nikita Zhuk, MacZ software
Release date: 02/06/99

What is IP-showcase?
IP-showcase is little utility, which shows your computer's IP-number when it's connected to Internet, and is also able to copy it to clipboard. This is extreme handy when playing games over Internet. Without this program is very hard to find your computer's IP. You have to find youe connection logs, save them and then find what is current IP. With this program your IP is only behind one-click!

How much does it cost?
Nothing. IP-showcase is freeware.

I have more questions. Who should I contact?
You can always contact MacZ software by email:, or you can visit out web site to find information about our products at:

Copyright information (what ReadMe that would be without it?!)
IP-showcase is copyright 1999 by Nikita Zhuk, MacZ software. All Right Reserved.
IP-showcase is freeware, so it doesen't cost a dime. You can distribute IP-showcase freely, copy it, give it to your friends and store it on your file server as long as:
- the whole distribution of IP-showcases is kept together, IP-showcase is not modified, translated or reverse-engineered in any way and no file in the distribution of IP-showcase is modified.

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