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Version: 1.2
©1999 Nexsus Innovations

What is FontShowcase?

Basic Viewing
FontShowcase is a small freeware application used
to view fonts. You can change the font, style and
size to see just what the font likes like when

List Printing
You can also print the font to have a list of each font
installed on your computer.

Special Thanks to:
*Thomas De Groote
*Derek "GUI" Thomas
*Paul Scandariato
*David Newberry
*All The users that reported bugs

Mac OS 7.5 or higher (9.0 Compatible)
4mb Ram (5 Recommended)
1.5mb Harddrive space
Connected Printer (Only needed for printing)

Legal Notes:
FontShowcase has been tested thoroughly, and
we feel it is ready for release. There may still
be a few bugs remaining. Please use this
application at your own risk. if you find any
bugs or problems, please report them to us
as soon as possible.

Bug Reports:

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