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Gravity Balls v1.0, By Aaron Davidson

Gravity Balls Requires at least 256 colours. It will not run on Macs without color quickdraw.

Gravity Balls is loaded with digital sound effects and beautiful graphics.

The object of Gravity Balls is to keep your ball within the yellow rectangle by using the mouse. If the mouse is in the window, the ball will be repelled from it. If you can keep the ball from leaving the target rectangle for 8 seconds, you will advance to the next level, which will be faster and have a smaller target rectangle.

It's that simple...or is it?

WARNING: Gravity Balls is highly addictive!

Gravity Balls is FreeWare. It may be freely distributed, provided no money is charged for it.
Check out all our other freeware, and demo software available online. If you don't have a modem, send us $6 and you shall recieve!

Please Report any bugs or incompatibilities if you find them.

Silicon Creek Software
Box 246
Kamloops, BC
V2C 5K6


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