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Thanks for purchasing Font Reserve 2.5, the most powerful font management system on the planet.

Please refer to the "Font Reserve Quick Start Guide" to get up and running with Font Reserve. For more detailed information about Font Reserve, please refer to the "Font Reserve 2.0 User Manual" or the Font Reserve online help, available under the Help menu in the Font Reserve Browser. And as always, to find out more about Font Reserve, including updates, please visit our website at

What's New in Font Reserve 2.5

1. Action WYSIWYG

Font Reserve 2.5 now ships with Action WYSIWYG from Power On Software, Inc. Action WYSIWYG is a new utility recently released by Power On Software to help you organize and manage your font menus. With Action WYSIWYG you can organize your applications font menus by grouping fonts together by family, display the fonts in their actual typefaces in the font menus, display an icon showing whether the font is a PostScript, TrueType or Bitmap font, and display your fonts in a unique multicolumn format - perfect if you keep a lot of fonts activated.

To learn all the about Action WYSIWYG for Font Reserve, please read the Action WYSIWYG User Manual included in your Font Reserve 2.5 Folder.

2. Font Sense(TM) Technology

Font Sense is a new technology from DiamondSoft which works with plug-in enabled applications to save information about the exact fonts used in a document and then automatically activates the exact same fonts when the document is opened again. Information about the fonts' foundry, create and modify dates, character widths and kerning pairs is saved with the file, and then read by Font Reserve when the file is re-opened. Font Reserve 2.5 is the first version of Font Reserve to support this revolutionary technology.

3. Font Sense(TM) Enabled Plugins for Quark XPress(TM) and Adobe Illustrator(TM)

Font Reserve 2.5 ships with a new Adobe Illustrator Plug-in for Font Reserve as well as a completely updated QuarkXPress XTension for Font Reserve. These plug-ins automatically activate fonts whenever a QuarkXPress or Illustrator document is opened. They also allow you to "collect fonts for output" directly from the application. Since both plug-ins are Font Sense enabled, using them will allow you to be sure that the fonts being automatically activated by Font Reserve, are the correct versions of the fonts used to create the document.

4. Enhanced for Mac OS9

Font Reserve 2.5 is fully compatible with Mac OS 9, and takes advantage of several new features in the Mac OS.

Mac OS 9 allows more files to be opened than previous versions of the Mac OS, which means that you can open more files and fonts than ever before. In addition, more fonts can be opened "in place", without having Font Reserve switch to the activate in copy method. The maximum number of open suitcases in Mac OS 9 is 512, compared to 128 in earlier systems.

Font Reserve supports Mac OS 9's Multiple Users. Each user can have their own Font Reserve database which will be started up when they log in.

4. Faster Font Activation

Activating fonts in place is faster and won't switch to the activate in copy method unless there are too many suitcase files open.

5. Improved Printing of Specimen Books

Printing of font specimen sheets is faster and more reliable than in earlier versions.

We've also added a feature, "Generate PostScript", which sends PostScript commands to PostScript-enabled printers.

We now have over twenty specimen sheets, so you can view your fonts in more ways. See the documentation in the on-line help for more detailed descriptions of the new specimen sheets.

6. Faster auto-activation

Auto-activation of fonts is faster in applications that don't have Font Reserve plugins (Freehand, Word, Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, etc.)

8. Hot key to open the Font Reserve Browser.
You can now type a keyboard combination (control-option-f by default) to open the Font Reserve Browser. The keyboard combination can be set in the Font Reserve Settings control panel.

9. On-line Help

10. Improved AppleScripting
We've included a lot more sample AppleScripts, added more font properties, and improved the default error handling to make AppleScripting easier.

System Requirements
1. Font Reserve 2.5 is fully compatible with Mac OS from 7.5.1 through 8.5, 8.6 and 9.

2. If you are running System 7.5.x or 7.6.x then you must have the following extensions on:
Clipping Extension

3. You must have at least 6 MB RAM available for Font Reserve.
4. You must have at least 2 MB disk space for an empty Font Reserve Vault, plus enough free disk space to hold copies of all the fonts you will be adding into the Vault.

If you are running ATM Deluxe, please remove this from your Control Panels folder and replace it with the non-Deluxe version of ATM, which is available in the Acrobat Installer located on the Font Reserve CD.

If you are running Adobe Type Reunion , Adobe Type Reunion Deluxe, MenuFonts, or TypeTamer, please remove this from your Control Panel before installing Font Reserve 2.5. Font Reserve 2.5 installs Action WYSIWYG for Font Reserve on your machine, which replaces these other utilities.

Upgrading from Font Reserve 2.0.x
If you have been running Font Reserve 2.x, then installing Font Reserve 2.5 is really easy. Simply install the new application, restart your Mac, and you are ready to go. Font Reserve 2.5 will recognize and use your existing Font Reserve 2.x database without any problems.

If you have been keeping your Font Reserve Database folder inside your "Font Reserve 2.0 Folder", make sure you do not throw away this folder now. First move your Font Reserve Database folder to your new "Font Reserve 2.5 Folder".

Upgrading from Font Reserve 1.0
When you install Font Reserve 2.0, it will automatically turn off your Font Reserve 1.0x program, make your Font Reserve Vault visible and rename it "Font Reserve 1.0 Vault". It will also make your Font Reserve Database folder visible and rename it "Font Reserve 1.0 Database".

To move fonts from the 1.0 Vault to Font Reserve 2.0, simply drag and drop the "Font Reserve 1.0 Vault" folder onto the Font Reserve Browser window and select "Move into Vault".

Fonts which were added as aliases to Font Reserve 1.0 will need to be added again to Font Reserve 2.0.

After upgrading to Font Reserve 2.0 and installing your fonts, run the Font Reserve Database Updater. This application will move over your custom labels, owners, and sets from your Font Reserve 1.0 vault.

Once you have dragged your Font Reserve 1.0 Vault folder into the Font Reserve 2.0 Browser window, you can delete this folder, since your font files will be in the Font Reserve 2.0 Vault. If you are not interested in using the updater then you can also delete the folder called "Font Reserve 1.0 Database". If you are interested in using the updater, then keep the folder called "Font Reserve 1.0 Database" until you have run the updater, and then you can delete this folder.

Known Problems:
There is only one known problem at this time.
A. Increasing the memory requirements for the Font Reserve application to more than 8,000 K can lead to database corruption. If you want to increase the memory partition, set it to 8,000 K.

Contacting DiamondSoft
Thanks again for purchasing Font Reserve. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact DiamondSoft.

DiamondSoft, Inc.
250 Camino Alto
Suite 200
Mill Valley, CA 94941

tech support: 415.381.3403
phone: 415.381.3303
fax: 415.381.3503

sales: email
technical support: email
customer support: email
information: email
registration: email

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