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Stay Online! 1.1


This program should be pretty self-explanatory to use. It should run itself fine, with no need for any intervention or input on your half. However, if you wish to do so, you may specify a few preferences in the Preferences window obtained by pressing the "Prefs" button on the main window.

This program was written on OS 9, and uses various aspects of OS 8's "Appearance" controls. If you are using a system other than one of these two and experiencing "appearance difficulties", well, the old system is probably the problem. This program also uses the "Internet" control panel to open your specified browser.

If you are having any problems other than those, trash your preference file for this program ("Stay Online Prefs") in your Preferences Folder in the System Folder. If that doesn't solve the problem, it may be a bug. In that case it is best to email me.

If you have any other questions:

Version History

1.1 - 10-31-99
Lots of changes... I'm too lazy to list them all. Everything (code wise) functions differently now. The ability to specify the time interval will be available in a later version.
1.0 - 10-30-99
First release of Stay Online!

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