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Snap It! Users Manual & FAQ:

Last updated 7/18/99

1. What is Snap It!

Snap it! is the definitive screen capture tool for MacOS. Contrary to other screen capture tools available, Snap It! is a very low-level screen hacker: Snap It! can take a picture of every part of the screen absolutely whenever you want and save the result in a standard PICT file.
And most of all, Snap It! is freeware!

No more troubles in taking screenshots of programs like games which do not give processing time to the Finder or to the classical screen capture programs and prevent them from capturing the screen content.

Snap It! can capture in any bitdepth and in any size provided enough memory is available.

If you can see it on screen, then Snap It! can capture it!

Snap It! may be freely distributed by online services, bulletin boards, shareware collection CDs or non-profit user groups, as long as it is not modified. This software may not be included in any commercial package without the authorization of the French Touch.

2. System requirements:

To be able to use Snap It!, you need:
* a PowerPC processor MacOS system.
* System 7.1 or later.

3. How to use Snap It!

Step 1:

Launch Snap It!

Step 2:

Configure Snap It! Select "Preferences..." in the "Edit" menu. You need to define the part of the screen you want to capture. You define this the capture zone by its size (width and height) and by its position on screen.
E.g. to capture 640x480 screens in a game, you would set "Width" to 640, "Height" to 480.

The offset feature is useful if you do not want to capture the whole screen. It allows you to enter the position of the capture zone onscreen. You can either specify it manually or select the "Auto-center" option, in which case the capture zone is automatically centered on screen.

The next thing to do is to define the "key combination" to use to take a screenshot. By default, it's "Command-Shift-5".

Then click on "Accept"

Step 3:

You can start taking screenshots using the "key combination" you have defined previously. You can only take a limited number of screenshots depending on the amount of memory available to Snap It!

Step 4:

When the Snap It! buffer is full, you need to convert its content to standard PICT files and save them on disk. Switch back to
the Snap It! application and click on the "Dump..." button. The standard save dialog will appear allowing you to save the screenshots as separate PICT files.
When you're done, click the "Clean" button to empty the buffer and be able to take screenshots again.

4. Snap It! FAQs:

4.1. Screen capture works fine, but I get errors when I try to dump the screenshots:

Try to increase the memory partition of Snap It!

4.2. The PICT files produced by Snap It! contain no data:

Try to increase the memory partition of Snap It!

5. Credits:

Programming & design:
Pierre-Olivier Latour


© French Touch 1999 - All rights reserved

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