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Welcome to SimpleEdit

About SimpleEdit

This SimpleEdit is a replacement for Apple's SimpleText. SimpleEdit provides more editing features than SimpleText, including handling of more than 32K of text, rectangular editing, overstrike editing, convenient key bindings, multiple undo/redo, and more -- but still hangs on to the "Simple" part of its title. Some of it's features are:


* Multiple styles (including strikethru, underline and inverse).
* Multiple undo and redo of all editing operations
* Line wrapping
* Rectangular Editing
* Overstrike Editing
* Unlimited text size
* Search and Replace
* Text can contain annotations (graphics, sounds, movies, etc).
* Drag and Drop support
* Applescript support - both scriptable and recordable
* Claris XTND support
* Navigation Services support
* Supports color
* Supports justification
* Show invisibles & ascii
* Hidden Text
* Convenient editing commands built-in (Shift Left/Right, Delete Line, Transpose, etc)

Coming Attractions

* World Script support (next release - ver 4.0)
* Word Services Support (next release ver 4.0)
* Better annotation support (Quicktime, etc ver 4.0)
* Support Preditor document additions such as links, markers

Contacts & Information

For the latest information on SimpleEdit and other Evatac Software products, check out our web site at:

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