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SECREt allows you to hide and reveal files and folders with a password.
To begin, open SECRETs and type in the default password which is "password"
Click "ENTER"
Now change and save the password to one you like.
Drag and drop files or folders you want to hide onto the SECRETs' application icon or files/folders' Lisbox (the one on the left side); alternately, if you do wish to reveal files or folders on the same location, you need to create the path first by dropping files/folders on the paths' listbox, in addition, all paths you'd created will also save as shut down item, which mean, whatever files/folders' paths you'd created will be auto hide when you shut down or restart you mac.

Run SECRETs, enter your password, a selected file or folder (click an icon above files & folders list box) will appear on your desktop!
If you'd already created the path, just click an icon above the paths' list, it will appears the same location as the created path.

Note: This program tested only on PPC 603e / OS8, use it with your own risk. The author of SECRETs takes no responsibility for loss of data.

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