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Scrapz 1.3.2 DA


1.3.2 Bug fix release. When the last object in a group was deleted the group looked like it was empty even though it wasn't. This bug has been fixed. Sometimes the Scrapz menu disappeared while using other DAs having global menus such as Websters Electronic Dictionary(TM). This bug has been fixed.

1.3.1 Bug fix release. When creating a new group in 1.3 and pasting a color icon as the group symbol a black-and-white version of the icon is used. This problem is now fixed.


2.0 under development. Will support naming of objects and search, multiple files, one more level of organization (Groups with Scrapbooks, Scrapbooks with Objects), each file will be compatible with Apple's Scrapbook, objects will be time stamped, improved import/export, QuickTime support, etc etc.
Release date not determined.

What is Scrapz?

Scrapz is a replacement for Apples Scrapbook desk accessory. It adds features such as import/export, resizeable window, partial selection of text and pictures ,multiple scrapbooks, gallery view and more. And of course, it's freeware!

Where is the manual?
There is no manual. Scrapz is rather straightforward to use. However, some features may still need an explaination:

"Edit Group" Dialog
The B&W icon can be replaced by pasting a color picture in the icon frame. You will however not be able to edit it.

Preferences Dialog
Show objects when browsing - decides whether every object should be displayed as you scroll through the contents of a group or if only the object index should be updated.
Wrap long textlines - Wrap text lines longer than the width of window or not.
Show max 3000 characters - Speeds up the display when showing big text objects. Otherwise the maximum text size that can be displayed is 32000 characters. Text objects that is more than 32000 characters is still supported of course.
Shrink pictures to window - scales pictures larger than the window to fit entirely within the window. However, when copying the object or a part of it the scaling will not be effective.
Prefer XXX - Sometimes objects contains both a picture and a text item. You can only show one of them. Which one do you prefer?

1. If selecting a part of picture, the default selection tool is a rectangle. Pressing the option key allows you to draw an arbitrary selection shape.
2. Use the arrow keys to select another group (up and down) or another object(left and right)
3. Use the keys "1" to "9" to select the object with the corresponding index.
4. Use "S" to autoscroll to selected object in gallery mode.

Gallery Frame Size
It's possible to change the size of the frame in which the objects are displayed (in gallery mode). Simply drag the gray handle. The size is saved for every group.

Playing a sound
can only be done in single object mode by clicking on the speaker icon.

an object in gallery mode will change the display mode to single object mode.

How do I Install this?
"Scrapz" is a desk accessory. Install accordingly.
Scrapz will create a new and empty "Scrapz file" and place it in the system folder the first time Scrapz is used.

Can I give copies to my friends?

Can I distribute it via my favorite BBS?

Do I need a written permission from the author if I want do distribute it commercially?

Where do I send my comments and suggestions?

Lars Sundström
Virvelvindsvägen 4B, III
S-222 27 LUND
tel. +46 46 18 95 42

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