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Welcome to Redux 2.6.1!

15 December 1999

* Introduction
* What's Included
* Installing Redux 2.6
* Getting Support
* Credits and Thanks

Thank you for dowloading Redux 2.6.1. We're certain you'll find Redux to be the most intuitive and efficient back up system available for your Macintosh.

What's Included
The Redux 2.6 package consists of this Read Me, the Redux User's Manual in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format, and the Redux application.

The Redux User's Manual is also available in HTML format:

Adobe Acrobat Reader is free and available from Adobe's website:

Installing Redux 2.6.1
There's nothing to it! If you've gotten this far, you've already unstuffed the archive you downloaded from the FTP site. The next step is to unstuff the password-protected StuffIt file containing the Redux 2.6.1 application. Since you've gotten this far, you already have some method for unstuffing the file.

Use the password provided to you when you purchased Redux 2.6.1 from the website. This password will periodically change. If you need to download Redux again and find that the password has changed, return to the Redux website and login to your account. The most current password will be displayed once you've logged in.

You don't have to do anything special once Redux is unstuffed. Just double-click the application. If you used a previous version of Redux, your pre-existing preferences will be imported to the new version. If you have trouble (it's unlikely) with Scheduled Backups, drag the old Redux Extension to the Trash and use Redux 2.6.1 to install a new one.

One thing you might want to do if you used previous version of Redux: when you next reboot your Mac (that never happens, does it!), hold down the command and option keys to rebuild your desktop and see the new Redux icons.

Getting Support
If you have a problem, the first thing you should do is see if there is already a solution on the Technical Support section of the Redux Software website:

If that doesn't help, send email to:

Be sure to include a detailed description of your problem, note your operating system version and any third-party extensions and control panels installed on your computer, and describe the drives you are backing up to and from. We'll try to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Credits and Thanks
Macintosh is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.
StuffIt is a trademark of Aladdin Systems, Inc.
Acrobat is a trademark of Adobe Systems, Inc.
Thanks to the beta testers: Tim Conway, Tom Fortmann, Barry Hunter, Michael Kidd, Tim Nicometo, Lin Osborne, Sean Trowbridge, Jim Vandermade, Joseph West.
Thanks to Evatac Software for the use of their FTP site and for hosting our website.

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