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RealPlayer G2

Macintosh Release

(last updated 4/23/99)

Welcome to RealPlayer G2 from RealNetworks.

This document describes RealNetworks' RealPlayer G2 for Macintosh. The
software and documentation are provided to you in accordance with your
license agreement.

For the latest information, see the Online Readme file at:

For access to the Online Help file see:


1. System Requirements
2. Known Issues
- Installation Issues
- Network Issues
- General Issues
- Browser Issues
- Program Conflicts
3. Manually Configuring Your Browser
4. Troubleshooting
5. Technical Support/Reporting Feedback

**************** 1 ****************
**************** System Requirements ****************

* Mac* OS 8.1 or later
* 32 MB RAM
* 65MB virtual memory
* 604 PowerPC* (200 MHz or better)
* Internet connection
* Browser support: Microsoft* Internet Explorer* 4.01 or later or
Netscape* 4.05 or later

Recommended Computer:
* Mac OS 8.5 or later
* 64MB RAM
* 65MB virtual memory
* G3 233 (or faster) PowerPC
* Internet connection
* Browser support: Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 or later or Netscape
4.05 or later

*All other brands and names are property of their respective owners.

NOTE: Content designed for higher speed connections may have greater system
requirements. If you are experiencing any performance issues that are not
specifically mentioned in this Readme file, try increasing your Virtual
Memory before contacting Technical Support. Remember, you must reboot your
machine before changes to Virtual Memory will be affected. Also you can
increase your Application Memory for RealPlayer itself.

**************** 2 ****************
**************** Known Issues ****************

RealPlayer G2 can co-exist with RealPlayer v5.02, but the products must be
installed to different folders. If you have RealPlayer 5.0 installed,
please do not install RealPlayer G2 in the same directory. RealPlayer G2
will not properly run in this fashion.

To remove RealPlayer G2:

1. Run RealPlayer G2 Uninstall.

To restore RealPlayer 5.0:

2. Run RealPlayer 5.0 Installer.

Installation Issues

* Installer fails: The following Control Panels and Extensions must
*all* be present for the RealPlayer G2 to install:
- TCP/IP Control Panel
- Open Transport Extensions (there are 6 total listed as OpenTpt or OT)
- QuickTime
- QuickTime PowerPlug
- SharedLibraryManager
- SharedLibraryManager PPC

If you have these extensions on and the TCP/IP control panel installed and
RealPlayer G2 still won't install, disable all extensions other than those
listed above and try to install again. If you determine that a particular
extension was causing the installation problem, please send an email report
to RealNetworks Customer Relations at

* Web browser plug-ins will not work if your browser is on a read-only drive.

* Installing G2 to 5.0 directory: If you have the RealPlayer 5.0 installed,
please do not install the G2 Player to the same directory. The G2 Player
will not properly install in this fashion.

* G2 Channels vs. 5.0 Destinations: Channels is a new feature in RealPlayer
G2, offering a variety of programs that take advantage of G2 features.
RealPlayer 5.0 Destinations will carry over to RealPlayer G2 Presets to a
folder called "Old Presets". To add new Channels, click Add New Channels
in your Channels line-up.

Network Issues

* UDP Ports: UDP Port ranges must begin with an even number and be
delineated by a '-' with the exception of the range 7070,7071.

For example:
7070-7071 or 7070-7072 or 7070-xxxx will work.
7070,7071 will work, but no other range can be listed this way.
The following ranges are incorrect:
7071-7072 or 7071-7073 or 7071-xxxx (because 7071 is an odd number)
7070,7072 will not work (because the numbers are not separated by a '-')

* Proxy Services on a small LAN: If you have proxy services set up for a
small LAN to provide Internet access to a number of computers, (e.g., using
Intel(R) InBusiness Internet Station(TM)), you should disable the auto-dial
feature of your hardware to avoid causing your proxy to automatically
connect to your ISP. RealPlayer cannot sense the difference between a
persistent connection and one provided by an intermediate source and will
continue to update headlines and check for upgrades on a regular basis
causing your proxy box to dial-up frequently.

* Firewalls: If you are attempting to connect from behind a firewall (most
companies employ firewalls to protect their networks) you may find it takes
considerably longer to obtain a connection.

* Unable to connect: If you enter incorrect proxy information during a
RealPlayer session and attempt to connect, RealPlayer will retain that
information for the duration of the Player session even if you delete it
from the Proxy Preference tab and attempt to connect again. To clear the
information, delete it from the Proxy Preference tab, click OK, close and
restart RealPlayer.

* Auto-configure not working: If Auto-configure does not work properly,
open your Preferences and go to the Proxy tab. Select Use proxy (where
'proxy' is the appropriate proxy to use: PNM, RTSP) and attempt
Auto-configure again (from the Transport tab). If this still does not
work, remove and reinstall RealPlayer.

* Manual selection of HTTP proxy fails: If you are behind a firewall and
attempt to change your HTTP Proxy, but the dialog does not open, perform
the following steps:

1. Open your Preferences.
2. Go to the Transport tab.
3. Select Use specified transports:
4. Choose Use HTTP Only for both RTSP and PNA.
5. Go to Proxy tab.
6. Select Manually Configure HTTP. (The proxy field will not yet be
enabled, this is a known bug.)
7. Select No HTTP Proxy. (Now the proxy field should be available for IP
address entry.)
8. Enter the proxy address for the firewall server (e.g.,, port
1092). If you do not know what the correct proxy address is, contact your
System Administrator. Incorrect information will keep RealPlayer from
functioning properly.
9. Select Manually Configure HTTP.
10. Click OK.

General Issues

* RealPlayer not starting: If RealPlayer attempts to start and then simply
closes when you launch it, your preference files may be corrupted.
You may attempt to delete your RealPlayer G2 Prefs from their Preferences folder
but not from the Backup folder (see Installed files list below) and then
attempt to start RealPlayer again. If this does not solve your problem,
Uninstall and then reinstall RealPlayer G2. If you are still experiencing
difficulties, or if Uninstall will not run, please see Troubleshooting
below for more information.

* RealPlayer not playing anything: In some cases RealPlayer will not
display an error even when you attempt to connect to a missing file on the
Internet. The Player will simply attempt to connect and then stop without
any additional information.

* File not playing: If you attempt to play a local file in a folder
whose name includes "/" or "?" you will receive the message "Requested
file not found. The link you followed may be out dated or inaccurate".
To be able to play the file, move it to a new folder or rename the
current folder so that it doesn't include either of these characters.

* Presets Folder disappeared: Folders created with more than 64 characters
will be accepted, but will not exist when you relaunch your Player.

* Preset doesn't export: The maximum length for an exported Preset
name is 27 characters. Exported Presets with more than 27 characters
will seem to export, but will not actually be created. Rename the export
file to have less than 27 characters (including spaces).

* RealPlayer only plays one file: When you drag and drop multiple files
onto the RealPlayer, it will only play the first file.

* High bit rate content: You may experience poor performance while trying
to play high bit rate content (>100Kbps).

* Memory loss with a live stream or long clip: The Player will continue to
play as long as there is available memory. When there is no memory
available, the Player will lock up. You will need to restart your Macintosh
to continue.

* MP3 and Flash files: If you install QuickTime version 4 on your system,
it will make itself the default player for MP3 and Flash files. If you wish
to play these files in your RealPlayer, either drag and drop them onto
your Player or use the File/Open command to open the file directly. If you
simply double-click the files, QT4 will launch instead.

* RealText disappears: If you finish watching a clip and bring another
application to the foreground over RealPlayer, RealText may not re-display
when you switch back to RealPlayer. To see the text again, click Play to
replay the clip.

* RealText doesn't show International Characters: RealText for the
Macintosh does not currently support the extended character set (e.g.,
tilde, umlaut) or any double-byte characters.

* RealPix presentation doesn't work: If your preferences are corrupted, you
may have trouble playing RealPix presentations. Close the player and delete
the following files from HD:System Folder:Preferences
RealMediaSDK Preferences
RealPlayerG2 Preferences
When you restart the Player these preferences will be rebuilt automatically.

* ClearVideo causes crash: ClearVideo clips may cause RealPlayer to
unexpectedly quit. Restart and use your Player normally.

* Preference window or Help menu is blank: If you are using a
version of Kaleidoscope that is not in sync with your current
OS (e.g., MacOS v8.5.1 using Kaleidoscope for v8.1) you may
experience a blank window when trying to display Preferences
in the Player as well as a blank Help menu in the Player itself.

* Multiple monitors: If you use multiple monitors, RealPlayer will always
open on the main monitor no matter where it was closed.

* Video distortion: Clips that contain video of large height and width
dimension may currently display improperly.

* Link not launching Player: Some URLs (links) will only launch the Player
if viewed in Netscape Communicator v4.5. To play the link manually, you can
copy the URL from the link properties and paste it into the File/Open
location dialog of the Player.

* Buffering Time: may not be displayed correctly when in PerfectPlay mode.
PerfectPlay will still function correctly.

* Double Size Mode: Some channels may not display correctly when zoomed to
double size. For best results, view all channels at original size.

* 256 Color Mode: While RealPlayer supports 256 colors you will achieve
better quality and reliability using 16-bit (thousands) or 24-bit
(millions) color. Change modes using your Monitors and Sound Control Panel.

* Title/Author/Copyright (TAC): TAC may not always display when connected
to an older .RA (pre v5.0) file.

* Error messages not fully displayed: Some error messages may not currently
display properly.

* Error messages do not include a More Info button: Please contact
RealNetworks Technical Support for information on error message information.

Browser Issues

* Plug-in not recognized: If you receive "You do not have the
plug-in needed to view the application/octet-stream" after clicking
on a link in Internet Explorer, the content may not have been authored
correctly. It should play properly in Netscape.

* Embedded Presentations controls not present: Controls for embedded
content must be specifically made available by the content providers.
Additionally, controls may appear inappropriately in the current version.

* Javascript errors: Internet Explorer does not fully support Javascript
interaction with the embedded Player and may cause JavaScript errors to
occur during the presentation.

* Netscape crashes when reloading page: In some cases, if you reload a page
in Netscape Navigator that utilizes the RealPlayer plug-in (in other words it has an
embedded clip), Netscape may crash. Netscape will function normally when

Program Conflicts

* Preference window is blank: If you are using a version of Kaleidoscope
that is not in sync with your current OS (e.g., MacOS v8.5.1 using
Kaleidoscope for v8.1) you may experience a blank window with trying to
display Preferences in the Player as well as a blank Help menu in the
Player itself.

* AppleCD Player: If you launch AppleCD while RealPlayer is buffering, you
may lock up your system. You will need to shutdown and restart your Mac in
order to continue. AppleDVD v1.1 works fine.

* Norton Utilities v4: It is not recommended to run Norton Utilities while
RealPlayer is running. Running Norton extensions, however, should be OK.

**************** 3 ***************
**************** Manually Configuring Your Browser ***************

If you upgrade your browser after having installed RealPlayer G2, you may
lose configuration information vital to the RealPlayer G2 program. The
easiest way to reconfigure your browser is to reinstall RealPlayer G2.

Alternatively, you can manually configure your browser. Instructions follow:

For Internet Explorer 4.01 or later
1. Open IE 4.x after installing RealPlayer G2 for Macintosh.
2. Click on the Preferences menu.
3. Under "Receiving files", click on File Helpers.
4. Click Add.
5. Enter the following information in the appropriate box:

Description: RealAudio
Extension: ram, ra, rm
MIME Type: audio/x-pn-realaudio

6. Under "File Type", browse to the RealPlayer icon and click on Open.
7. In the "File type" field, type PNRM.
8. In the "File creator" field, type PNst.
9. For encoding, select Binary Data.
10. Check "Use for Incoming" and "Use for outgoing" boxes.
11. Under "How to handle", select "View with application".
12. Click "Browse".
13. Navigate to the RealPlayer application icon and click on Open.
14. Click OK.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 should now be configured to use RealPlayer
G2. You may have to rebuild the Macintosh desktop for these
preferences to take effect.

For Netscape Navigator
1. Start Netscape Navigator and select Preferences from the Edit menu.
2. Select Applications from the Category listing on the left side of the screen.
3. Select New and enter the following information in the appropriate box:

Description: RealAudio
MIME Type: audio/x-pn-realaudio
Suffixes: ra, rm, ram

3. Select the "Application" radio button
4. Click Choose, and find the directory that the RealPlayer was installed
(the default is the Real folder on your startup volume)
5. Select RealPlayer as the application to launch.
6. Select "PNst" in the "File type" drop-down menu.
7. Select OK.

You may also have to manually configure the Plugin for the RealPlayer:

1. Start Netscape Navigator and select Preferences from the Edit menu.
2. Select Applications from the Category listing on the left side of the screen.
3. Select New and enter the following information in the appropriate box:

Description: audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin
MIME Type: audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin
Suffixes: rpm

3. Press the "Plug-in" radio button and select the RealPlayer Plugin in the
drop-down menu.
4. Select OK.

If, after having reinstalled the RealPlayer or reconfiguring the browser
for the RealPlayer, the browser continues to have problems launching
RealPlayer, you should rebuild the desktop file. To rebuild the desktop
file on a Macintosh, shut the system off, then start it up, holding down
the Option and Command keys.

More specific information about various browsers and services (such as AOL)
are available in our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions section of Tech
Support) at

**************** 4 ****************
**************** Installed file list ****************

List of Installed Files

The folders listed represent a default installation and only the top-most
folder in the tree structure. Files may be elsewhere on your computer. Because
this is a list of the RealPlayer Plus G2 files, not all files listed below
will be on your system, however, all the folders listed will be. Find any
file within a group to find the correct folder and then delete either the
whole folder if appropriate or the necessary files. Some of these files
are shared with other RealNetworks products. If you attempt a manual
uninstall, please reinstall any other RealNetworks product that you wish to use.

HD:System Folder:Extensions:Real

RealPlayerG2 Plugin

HD:System Folder:Preferences

RealMedia SDK Preferences
RealMedia G2 Preferences
Real Shared Preferences
Real Update Preferences

HD:System Folder:Application Support:Real:Backup

RealPlayerG2 Preferences
RealShared Preferences
RealUpdate Preferences

HD:System Folder:Application Support:Real:Common


HD:System Folder:Application Support:Real:Codecs:

HD:System Folder:Application Support:Real:Plugins:

HD:System Folder:Application Support:Real:Plugins:ExtResources:

HD:System Folder:Application Support:Real:Update:

HD:Internet:Internet Applications:RealPlayer

License Agreement
RealPlayer Plus G2 (alias)
RealPlayer Plus G2 Uninstaller

HD:Internet:Internet Applications:RealPlayer:RealPlayer Files:
16.chl (or any other .chl file)
pre0003.pre (or any other .pre file)
RealPlayer (application)

If you have RealPlayer Plus

**************** 5 ****************
**************** Troubleshooting ****************

If you experience problems with RealPlayer, please look at the additional
documentation available on our Technical Support web page at

Using RealPlayer through a Firewall
RealPlayer uses port 7070 for TCP and ports 6970 through 7170 inclusive for
UDP transmission. If you are accessing the Internet through a firewall,
your firewall administrator will need to authorize these ports. Firewall
information is available on our Firewall web page.

If Uninstall will not run, rebuild your desktop and run the Uninstaller again.

If RealPlayer won't launch, and you've Uninstalled and Reinstalled the Mac
release, you need to manually delete the program as described below.

Delete the following folders:
1. HD:System Folder:Extensions:Real
2. HD:System Folder:Application Support:Real
3. HD:Internet:Internet Applications:RealPlayer

and the following files in the HD:System Folder:Preferences folder

RealMediaSDK Preferences
RealPlayerG2 Preferences
RealUpdate Preferences
RealShared Preferences

Then run the RealPlayer G2 Macintosh installer again.

(for a complete list of files, see above)

**************** 6 ****************
**************** Technical Assistance ****************

Technical support for RealPlayer G2 for Macintosh is available in our
Frequently Asked Questions section at:

and via email at:

Copyright 1999 RealNetworks, Inc.

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