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QuickTime 4

The Standard in Streaming Digital Video

QuickTime is Apple's award-winning, industry-standard, software architecture for creating and playing digital media for Mac OS and Windows. With QuickTime 4, it is easier than ever to work with video, animation, sound, music, text, pictures, interactive images, and 3D graphics.

Macintosh System Requirements

QuickTime 4 requires a 68020 CPU or later running Mac OS version 7.1.1 or higher, with Open Transport version 1.2 or higher. Streaming functionality requires a PowerPC-based Macintosh. In addition, the computer must have at least 8 MB of RAM for 68K machines, and 16 MB of RAM for PowerPC systems, and either a static IP address or a DHCP server.

Windows System Requirements

QuickTime 4 runs on Windows 95, Windows 98 & Windows NT. Requires an Intel or compatible processor or any MPC2-compliant PC (minimum 66-MHz 486 or later processor). A Pentium processor is recommended when using effects, 3D, Sorenson Video, DV, Streaming, or Music. Requirements also include 16 MB of RAM, a Sound Blaster or compatible sound card, and speakers. DirectX version 3.0 or later is recommended.

What's New in QuickTime 4

QuickTime 4 provides dozens of new features and enhancements to existing features. For complete information about these new capabilities, including live video and audio streaming, support for Macromedia's Flash file format, and support for MP3 audio files, visit the QuickTime 4 web site at <>. The QuickTime web site also provides many links to demonstration content and to other Internet sites that are using QuickTime.

One of the most innovative features of QuickTime 4 is its smart installation technology. With QuickTime 4, you will automatically be notified whenever updates to your QuickTime software are available. With a few simple clicks, you can quickly update your QuickTime software to the latest available version. You can also check for the availability of updated software manually. To perform this simple check, open the QuickTime Player application and select the menu item "Check for QuickTime Updates" found in the Help menu. Alternatively, you can open the QuickTime Updater application found in the QuickTime Folder and follow the instructions to install additional QuickTime pieces or to manually check for updates to your currently installed software.

About Roland's Sound Set for General MIDI and GS Format

This release of QuickTime includes an instrument sound set licensed from Roland Corporation that makes a complete General MIDI compatible sound set. It also includes additional sounds necessary to make a complete GS Format compatible sound set.

What is the GS Format?

The GS Format is a standardized set of specifications for sound sources that defines the manner in which multitimbral sound generating devices will respond to the MIDI messages. The GS Format complies with the General MIDI System Level - 1. The GS Format also defines a number of other details over and above the features of General MIDI. These include unique specifications for sound and functions available for tone editing, effects, and other specifications concerning the manner in which sound sources will respond to MIDI messages. Any device that is equipped with GS Format sound sources can faithfully reproduce both General MIDI sound recordings and GS Format MIDI sound recordings.

How to contact Roland:

Roland Corporation
4-16, Dojimahama 1-chome,
Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0004, Japan

For more information about Roland and its line of products, visit the website at


Roland reserves all rights to the Sound Set not expressly granted by Roland Corporation U.S. or by Apple under the terms of Apple's Software Distribution Agreement.

Copyright Notices

Roland Corporation U.S. owns the Sound Set and all copyrights pertaining thereto and has licensed Apple to use the Sound Set solely in connection with Apple Products. Whenever this Sound Set, in whole or in part, is redistributed with an Apple Product, you must acknowledge Roland as the source in a user's standard point of entry to learn more about the product in use, such as in the "about" or "get info" dialog boxes. The minimum notice shall be "GM/GS® Sound Set © Copyright 1997 Roland Corporation U.S."

Updated May 26, 1999

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