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Phylum - Readme


This note contains late-breaking information about Phylum, Phylum-lite and Phylum-for-free. For more information, visit the Improvision website at

System Requirements

Phylum requires the following minimum system specification:

- Macintosh computer with PowerPC processor
- 32MB RAM
- 10MB hard disk space free
- MacOS 8.0

Phylum prefers a system with the following specification:

- Macintosh or iMac computer with G3 or G4 processor
- 64MB or more of RAM
- 100MB or more hard disk space free
- MacOS 8.6 or higher

Ordering Phylum or Phylum-lite

The folder "Notes and Forms" contains order forms for Phylum and Phylum-lite. You can also order Phylum online at

Virtual Memory

Though Phylum is completely compatible with Apple's Virtual Memory system, it will work faster with Apple VM turned off. To turn off Virtual Memory, use the "Memory" control panel.

Unlock Codes and Serial Numbers

To use Phylum, Phylum-lite or Phylum-for-free, you will need a valid serial number and unlock code. Unlock codes can be obtained via the Improvision website,, or by using the registration form in the "Notes and Forms" folder.

Note: Only one copy of Phylum with a particular serial number can be run at any one time.


Phylum uses Apple Help for displaying its documentation. In MacOS 8.6 and above, you can access the Phylum Help from the "Help" menu within Phylum and from the "Help Centre" in the Finder. If you have a MacOS 8.5 or before, you can view the help by opening the file "Phylum Help". This file is on the CD, and is also installed in the "Help" folder in the "System" folder.

The folder "Notes and Forms" contains additional information about Phylum, including:

- Order Forms
- Software Licenses
- Technical Support Information

Contacting Improvision

Improvision can be contacted at the following addresses:

Improvision Inc,
One Cranberry Hill,
MA 02421

Improvision Ltd,
Viscount Centre II,
University of Warwick Science Park,
Millburn Hill Road,
CV4 7HS,
United Kingdom

Revision History

Phylum 1.0

First public release

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