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Networkz v2.0b1 Read Me

About Networkz
Networkz is a freeware application which will automatically batch download and upload files to servers on the internet or intranet.

Networkz is programmed in 4th Dimension, a Rapid-Application-Development database environment for Mac and Windows.

Installation Notes - Networkz Datafile
Networkz has a datafile which is used to store your events, actions and preferences.

The first time you run Networkz you will be asked to either locate a current datafile or create a new datafile in the current folder as Networkz.

Do not delete an existing datafile, if you are upgrading - move it from the old Networkz folder into the new Networkz folder and hold down the option key to choose it.

Beta Software
This is a beta version of Networkz. I've released it like this to get user feedback - if you've found a bug then I would appreciate it if you could email a description, along with what you were doing and your system details.

There is also no current documentation for this version of Networkz, only the 1.1 docs are available.

If you want to use the latest features you'll have to find them yourself!

Sorry, but I think you'll find them pretty straight forward, see the Version History to see what exactly has been added.

Known Bugs
International date entry (eg. 06-07-1999) for automatic event start not accepted
Networkz will not correctly accept dates such as 07-07-1999 on some international versions of the Mac OS. I think this has something to do with 4th Dimension but I could be wrong.

Server-to-server not working
Server-to-server is not working correctly, I think it may be an impossible feature to add because of security settings on most FTP servers, but if you can get it to work between two remote hosts (not locally), then email me at with a full description, please!

Update check not finisehed
A new feature whereby you can check your version of Networkz to see if it is the most current, is not working - it will be added in a later beta.

James Andrews

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