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MacTidy v1.0b7 (30 Nov 99) Release Notes - 04 Dec 99

Welcome to MacTidy!


All of the packages in the MacTidy distribution are property of Terry Teague in accordance with the enclosed TopSoft License. Your use of MacTidy and its source code constitutes acceptence of the terms and conditions detailed therein. Terry Teague will not be responsible for any damages resulting from the use of any of its products. All products are released "as-is" without any warranty, and the user agrees to use the products at his own risk.

This release of MacTidy, 1.0b7, is a beta copy. Features are still being integrated. The official distribution site for BBTidy is :



MacTidy is a Mac OS application designed to check and correct HTML and XML source. It is based on the freely available "tidy" program by Dave Raggett (<>).

For more information on "tidy", browse the enclosed HTML file "overview.html" or visit the author's web site at <>

This version is a standalone application that uses a graphical user interface (GUI). It replaces previous versions that used a command-line interface (CLI).

For an alternative graphical user interface (and more flexibility in operation), you need the FilterTop filter version named "TidyHTML" - visit <> for more information on FilterTop. The latest version of the "TidyHTML" filter can also be found at <>

A list of known bugs in "tidy" on all platforms can be found at <>.

Report any Mac OS specific bugs to <>

Package Contents

MacTidy Release Notes - these release notes.

MacTidy_ReadMe_First.html - documentation in HTML format.
Images - folder containing images for documentation.

MacTidy.68K Debug - 68K Debug version.
MacTidy.PPC Debug - PPC Debug version.
MacTidy Debug - FAT Debug version.

Overview.html <cr> - the "Overview.html" file with <cr> line endings (see below).
Overview.fixed - a corrected "Overview.html" file created by the MacTidy application.
Overview.errs - the error report created by the MacTidy application.

config.txt - sample "tidy" configuration file.

(not included in the current release)
MacTidy.68K - 68K version.
MacTidy.PPC - PPC version.
MacTidy - FAT version.

MacTidy CarbonLib - PPC Debug version that requires CarbonLib.

MacTidy CW Pro 5.m - CodeWarrior Pro 5 project file to build the above.
MacTidy.rsrc - Mac OS specific resources for the project.
NotPPC.rsrc - Mac OS specific resources for the project.
MacTidy.h - Mac OS specific source for the project.
MacTidy.c - Mac OS specific source for the project.
MacTidy68000.c - Mac OS specific source for the project.

All other files are the original sources for Tidy and DropShell, with minor modifications for use with Mac OS, and MacTidy specific modifications.

Important Usage Note

MacTidy works best when the input source files have carriage returns (<cr>) as their line endings (Mac OS standard). Many HTML source files are created on non-Mac platforms, and typically use linefeeds (<lf>) as their line endings. Use one of the various FilterTop filters such as "Line Endings", or other third party utilities that can convert linefeeds to carriage returns. A future version of the application may improve this situation.

When using the "console" window for output, be aware that output is limited to 32K (32,768 characters). This limitation does not exist if a file is used for output.

Balloon Help is available for all items in the configuration dialog.

This release of MacTidy does not run on 68000 based machines (e.g. Macintosh 128, Macintosh 512Ke, Macintosh Plus, Macintosh SE, Macintosh Portable, Macintosh Classic, PowerBook 100).

Selecting the Config file... option in the configuration dialog does not immediately apply the settings stored in the Config file to that of the current configuration dialog. In other words, Config files are used to override the current settings only after the "Use Now" button is clicked. A future version of the application may improve this situation.

Change History

04 Dec 99: v1.0b7

Updated to latest "tidy" source of 30 Nov 99. Created some real documentation on how to use MacTidy. Fixed bug with being able to select non-Text files as input and config files.

28 Nov 99: v1.0b7 (not released)

Updated to latest "tidy" source of 24 Nov 99. Fixed bug with word wrap value. Changed Preferences code to use the resource fork in the Preferences file, rather than look like a Config file (more configuration dialog settings are now saved as preferences).

24 Oct 99: v1.0b6

It is based on the latest "tidy" source as of 22 Oct 99.

19 Oct 99: v1.0b5

Fixed bugs with Config files - they did NOT work at all! Applied some bug fixes for the base "tidy" source code. Changed the application icon slightly, to make it easier to double-click - you may need to rebuild the Desktop files to see the change.

04 Oct 99: v1.0b4

It is based on the latest "tidy" source as of 27 Sep 99.

Added support for drag & drop (based on DropShell), and selection of multiple input files (files, folders, disks - only 'TEXT' and SimpleText read-only 'ttro' text files are processed), unique output and error files, etc (configuration dialog changed). With Navigation Services, multiple input files can selected at once; without Navigation Services, only one input file can be selected at once - but in either case, the input file selection process is cumulative (and the number of files selected is displayed), until the list is cleared explicitly, with the "Clear File List" button.

Removed Translation Manager 'open' and 'kind' resources previously used by Navigation Services support.

Added support for a 3rd party memory allocator, "HeapManager".

Added support for the "quiet" and "MacRoman" (input only; output = ASCII) options, that are new with the "tidy" source of 27 Sep 99.

Added support for preserving the modification time of files that are modified in place (defaults to "keep-time:yes", which can be overridden by a configuration file).

Fixed various minor bugs. Updated the About Box.

28 Aug 99: v1.0b3

Fixed a few bugs related to specific use of Navigation Services - particularly when saving an output file to an existing file, the previous file was not deleted first, causing remnants of the previous output to be in the new output file in some situations.

Fixed a few bugs that exist in "tidy" for all platforms; based on changes of 15 Aug 99.

Added check for running on 68000 based machines.

General tidy ups - hard coded strings moved to resources.

14 Aug 99: v1.0b2

The "Make default" button now saves the user selections to a preferences file called "MacTidy Preferences" stored in the Preferences folder. The preferences file is just a standard "config" file supported by all versions of "tidy", with the file type changed from 'TEXT' to 'pref' - it can be edited externally if wished. Preferences do not affect input and output file selections, and all preferences can be overriden by a "config" file. Be aware that when preferences are saved, the contents of "MacTidy Preferences" are completely replaced, not updated.

This version supports Navigation Services v1.0 or later, which also requires Appearance Manager v1.0.1 or later (available separately for System 7.x, built in for Mac OS 8.x).

In order to allow users to change their selection for input and output files back to using the "console" window, without having a special button in the dialogs to do this, cancelling a selection for input and output files from the Standard File or Navigation Services dialogs, serves this purpose.

Various minor bugs were fixed.

29 Jul 99: v1.0b1

This application is new, uses a graphical user interface (GUI), and replaces previous versions that used a command-line interface (CLI). It is based on the latest "tidy" source as of 26 Jul 99.

22 Jul 99: v1.0

The application is based on the latest "tidy" source as of 07 Jul 99 - minor bug fixes that I had previously applied to the 02 Jul 99 version, and a couple of other minor changes. Also fixed a bug in the PPC version where I had incorrectly applied Spotlight support, causing strange things to happen. Built with CodeWarrior Pro 5 (project provided). Note the change in my EMail address.

03 Jul 99: v1.0

The application is based on the latest "tidy" source as of 02 Jul 99.

02 Jul 99: v1.0

The application is based on the latest "tidy" source as of 26 Jun 99. Now has support for debugging memory management problems.

25 Apr 99: v1.0

The application is based on the latest "tidy" source as of 15 Apr 99. Now compiled with CodeWarrior Pro 4 and latest updates.

23 Jan 99: v1.0

The application is based on the latest "tidy" source as of 22 Jan 99.

15 Jan 99: v1.0b1

First public beta release. The application is based on the latest "tidy" source as of 08 Jan 99. There are no known bugs. But most of the features have not been tested. I expect there might be problems with the "burst slides" option.

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