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LinkPad 1.0

About LinkPad


Thanks for downloading LinkPad! LinkPad's an extremely easy-to-use program that we like to think of as an extra step between receiving a link to check out and finally bookmarking that link: a "scratchpad for links", if you will. LinkPad can clear up your bookmark lists, reduce URL forgetfulness, and finally get rid of your "Hey, did you ever look at that page I sent you?" fears.

How does it work?

Drag and Drop. Simple as that.

Let's say you're surfing around and see a link to a news item you want to check out later. Simply drag the link from your browser onto LinkPad, and LinkPad will remember it for you. Later, when you have the time, drag the link back out of LinkPad and onto your browser window. LinkPad will mark the link as "visited" and send your browser to the right page. You can drag links from e-mail messages, telnet windows -- any application that's drag and drop savvy.

No need to clutter your bookmarks with pages you just wanted to "check out". No need to keep e-mails around just because they have a link that might be interesting. If you're like us, you'll ask yourself: how come nobody ever thought of this before?

Notes and Neat Things

* Make sure to check out the preferences window for some handy options
* Double-clicking links in LinkPad will also send your browser to the link
* Don't forget you can "copy" URL's to and from LinkPad for pasting in e-mails, or what have you
* The little bookmark icon in Netscape (to the left of the Location: text box) can be quite handy: just drag it to LinkPad to add a link of a page you're currently viewing
* When you're ready to finally commit a link to a bookmark, you can drag it right into your browser's bookmark window
* Use "cut", "clear", or the delete key to remove links from LinkPad
* Keyboard navigation can be handy: use the arrow keys to move around, return to launch a link
* The "Import" and "Export" options can be handy for sharing, storing, and trading links
* We recommend putting an alias of LinkPad in your "Apple Menu Items" folder. That way, LinkPad is always a menu-choice away -- right under the apple. Give it a try!
* Some of us here at Panic have been spied using LinkPad to store temporary phone-numbers and addresses, since LinkPad can receive any kind of text dragged out of an application. It's not quite what we had in mind, but hey, why not?


LinkPad is free! Redistribute it, copy it, share it, CD-Rom it, enjoy it. Just promise us you'll check out our FTP program for the Mac, Transit. If you like LinkPad, you'll most certainly love Transit. When you first launch LinkPad, we'll automatically install a link to the Transit page. Aren't we considerate?


If you have questions or comments about LinkPad, we'd love to hear them!

LinkPad © Copyright 1998 Panic LLC, All Rights Reserved. LinkPad, Panic, and the circle-p device are trademarks of Panic, LLC.
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