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Hi, and Welcome to LinkConverter.

Have you ever wished you could convert your internet links or bookmarks from one browser format to another? Perhaps you use Netscape and AOL concurrently, or Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape. Maybe you want to send a folder full of your favorite Netscape bookmarks to a friend who uses Microsoft Internet Explorer, or a family member who's on America Online - or vise versa. Perhaps you want to convert all of your browser bookmarks to Apple's OS 8.5 URL link clippings.

Enter LinkConverter.!

LinkConverter consists of a set of four applications that convert single URL Internet Explorer links, Netscape bookmarks, Mac OS 8.5 URL link clippings, and AOL "Favorite Places" links into each other. Just drag one or more link files or folders of links onto the corresponding LinkConverter program icon. That's it, the rest is automatic.

LinkConverter runs on both 68k and PPC Mac OS computers, and has been tested with Mac OS 8.1, 8.5.1, and 8.6. This version includes the "FaceSpan Extension," which is necessary in order for your computer to make use of the new features that are built into LinkConverter version 1.2.

Before using LinkConverter please place the "FaceSpan Extension" into the "Extensions" folder inside your System Folder, and restart your computer.

Note: LinkConverter will not convert complete bookmark lists like "Bookmarks.html" and "Favorites.html." Complete bookmark lists can be imported by Navigator and Explorer themselves, so LinkConverter is not necessary for this purpose.

AOL users should note that the complete bookmark list import feature is not available in AOL 4.0. Therefore AOL's bookmark list (called "Favorite Places,") cannot be converted in toto. To convert AOL bookmarks or favorite places, you must first save them individually to your drive. When surfing the internet, AOL's browser displays a red heart icon in the top right hand corner of each web page. Dragging and dropping this icon to your desktop, or preferred folder will save the AOL bookmark to disk. Once saved "outside of AOL," these bookmark links can easily be converted individually, or in bulk, using LinkConverter in the normal manner.

This Stuffit 5 archive is 550k in size. LinkConverter is Freeware. I hope you enjoy using LinkConverter. Please feel free to e-mail me with your suggestions or comments (in English or German).


* Mac OS 8.1 or newer (older versions may work, but have not been tested)
* AppleScript 1.1.2 or newer installed (in the Extensions folder)
* FaceSpan Extension installed (in the Extensions folder)


LinkConverter is provided to you as is. Although the program has been extensively tested, the author takes no responsibility for any problems that may be caused by using LinkConverter. Use at your own risk.

The Author:

Michael Keuter
Hamburg, August 13th,1999




1.0.0 - First Version

1.0.1 - Minor bug fixes, added Homepage

1.0.2 - Enabled Drag and Drop.
Files can now also be opened by file selector.

1.1.0 - Added Mac OS 8.5 (URL clippings) link conversion,
AOL link conversion, and error handling

1.1.1 - Bug fixes (IE to NAV and NAV to IE)

1.1.2 - Finder label + comment are preserved, new design by Arthur

1..2.0 - Changed to code in FaceSpan (FaceSpan Extension is needed), much faster conversion (3 to 5 times),
added final dialog with converted file counter and elapsed time, better error handling,
conversion and final dialog is scriptable with AppleScript

1.2.1 - Final dialog closes after 5 sec, changes in dialogs


Many thanks to my devoted beta tester Arthur H. Robbins.

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