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Le Gestionnaire De Signatures - Signatures Manager

version 1.2.2 - by Romuald Brunet

Has is name should indicates, Le Gestionnaire De Signatures (or "LGDS") is a software who helps you to manage your signatures. It works with InternetConfig RandomSignatures*

Is main interest is to merge all your signatures in one window, without be forced to swith between the Finder and Simptext/BBEdit and multiples windows.

There is also a smilley (has in iCab) who indicates if your signature is "valid" or not (if it contains no more than 4 lines of 72 characters or less). You could also use the "Check signatures" function to make a quick diagnostic.

Finally, you can use the Clip function to insert some text that you use quite often.

To contact me :
Romuald Brunet
Email :
Web site :
Mail adress : 148 avenue Jean Jaures, 93700 Drancy (France)

Le Gestionnaire De Signatures is a WhateverUWantWare, you can send me whatever you want (money, food, one of your software if you're a programmer, etc, ...)

Well, that's all.
No, one more thing, you should look at my About Box, I really like it ;-)

* : If you don't have Random Signatures, LGDS can install it for you :-)

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