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Internet Helper 1.5

By Andrew Cantino

* Internet Helper is a useful application that is basically a suite of internet tools. It has the basic port scans, service scans, and fingers. But Internet Helper also has many more advanced features, such as a finger file-on-demand system for distributing text files and an advanced client/server pair to test programs or interface with other systems.

System Requirments:
A 68K or PPC Macintosh running system 7.5 or later with at least 7 megabytes of RAM.

* Client/Server pair:
Internet Helper has a client/server pair to test internet applications, play with protocols, and connect to wingates and SMTP servers. The client/server setup also allows client/server chatting.

* Service Scan:
This feature lets you scan for various open ports on a server or internet-connected

* Port Scan:
This feature lets you scan for a certain port number among many IP addresses.

* Finger and Finger File-On-Demand:
This useful new feature lets you turn your computer into a file server. Users
anywhere in the world can finger your computer with a keyword to receive files and
information. As far as I know, this is the first Mac finger file server anywhere.

My name is Andrew Cantino. I enjoy programming and I wrote this program in my
spare time. If you have used the program and feel that I did a good job, or if you have
comments or suggestions, please let me know. I can be contacted at anytime. I also run an extensive web site here:

Internet Helper MAY be put in CD-ROM distributions.

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