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About this version of Green

There is not need to install Green. Just drag Green and the Online doc together
into a folder, and voilà, you're done. Green will create all the needed folders
and mailboxes neatly inside a Green Folder in your System Folder.

Try reading the first four entries in "Chapter 0 - Introduction" in the online
doc, just select The Online Doc from the Windows menu. It should get you well
started into Green. Remember that it contains a complete doc, and the help
icons will bring you right into the related help topic.

If you are running MacOS 8.5, you're ready to go.

If you are using earlier versions of the MacOS, you must make sure that the
latest version of the Appearance software is installed. Green needs version
1.0.3 of the Appearance software.

Green will propose you to download the Appearance software if it is missing,
or too old to be used. This is available for download from Apple for free. You
should then follow the Apple instructions for installing the software, and try
using Green again.

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