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First Class Gradebook

Version 1.5

Copyright (c) 1991-1999 First Class Systems, Inc.
All rights reserved worldwide.

NOTE: You must read this entire message and agree to its conditions to use this program.

This program is freeware, but not public domain. Use of this program is subject to the restrictions below.

First Class Systems, Inc.

Technical Support
No technical support of any kind is offered with this program. Everything you need to know to use this program is in the accompanying documentation files. If you want to know how to perform some operation with the program, please read the documentation.

A Quick Bit of Advice (really read this!)
The following bits of advice come from several years of feedback from hundreds of teachers who have used First Class Gradebook. You can save yourself a fair amount of trouble by carefully reading this section.

As with any important data, it is vital that you keep frequent and multiple backups of your grades. This should include print-outs as well as electronic backups (such as to a floppy disk). If you can't afford to lose your grades (and who can?), keep backups. If your database file becomes corrupted, there is nothing we can do to recover it-but you can recover it yourself if you have a backup.

We recommend that you keep at least 2 separate backup disks (and preferably more). Rotate your backups by using the oldest backup each time you make a new backup (with two backups, you'll have the most recent, and the next most recent available, should the first backup fail). If you keep your backups on floppy disks, be aware that ALL floppy disks fail eventually, and that the more you use them, the quicker they fail. If you ever have any problems with a backup floppy, immediately create a brand new backup floppy and throw away the troublesome disk.

To actually create a backup, use the "Save a Copy" function of First Class Gradebook to save a copy of your grades to your backup disk. Under no circumstances should you drag-copy the database file from your hard drive while the program is running. When FCGB is running, the database file is open and in an inconsistent state. This means that any copy of the file made while the program is running will be corrupted. It won't hurt the file on the hard drive, but the copy you make will be worthless. If you are sure FCGB isn't running, you can drag-copy your database file(s) (via the Finder) to make a backup, but using the "Save a Copy" function will result in a smaller file.

If you should need to use a backup to recover your grades, always copy the file(s) from the floppy disk to your hard disk before attempting to open them. NEVER ATTEMPT TO OPEN THE DATA ON YOUR BACKUP DISK FROM THE FLOPPY. Remember, if it's your only backup, you don't want to lose it-treat it like gold.

We cannot stress enough the importance of keeping good backups! (We won't be able to help you when grades are due tomorrow and the power went out while you were working. Be prepared!)

Calculation of Grades
First Class Gradebook is extremely flexible in the way it can calculate grades, but this flexibility comes with a slight price. Some teachers have had difficulty in completely understanding exactly how FCGB calculated a particular grade (usually because they didn't read the section in the manual on how grades are calculated). In over five years of use by hundreds of teachers, we have never found a case where the program calculated a grade incorrectly, based on the documented methods of grade calculation. If you can't understand how the program came up with a grade, please make sure you have carefully read and fully understand how FCGB calculates grades before requesting help. If you are sure the program has made a mistake (it could happen), please contact us and we'll look into it right away.

<End of free advice> :-)

Distribution of FCGB
This program may be freely distributed for non-commercial use, provided the entire program and documentation files (hereafter referred to as the "software package") are included. The software package may be posted or otherwise offered via electronic means (such as an FTP or WWW site) provided no fees are charged by the site provider for access to the software package. The software package may not be distributed as part of a collection of software (such as a CD-ROM collection) without prior consent from First Class Systems, Inc., unless such collection is provided free of charge.

In other words, if you're making money by distributing the software package, you need to first obtain permission from First Class Systems, Inc. to distribute it. (Indirect revenue, such as web page advertising is acceptable and does not require permission from First Class Systems, Inc.) If in doubt, contact First Class Systems, Inc. at the above email address-we're reasonable.

Under no circumstances may the program be distributed without all of its accompanying documentation. To obtain the entire software package visit

Legal Mumbo-Jumbo
This software is provided "as-is," and First Class Systems, Inc. and the program's authors make no warranties whatsoever, either express or implied, by statute or otherwise, regarding the software package, its quality, its performance, its merchantability, or its fitness for any particular purpose. The user of this software assumes all risks for any incompatibility, failure, or loss of any data, including, but not limited to, documents produced by other applications.

First Class Gradebook, First Class Systems, and the First Class Systems logo are trademarks of First Class Systems, Inc.

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